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Mixing Neem Oil Concentrate

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by M Dogg, Jan 18, 2013.

    M Dogg

    M Dogg Active Member

    Got some Neem Oil Concentrate today, 8-10ml per 1L mix ratio, my question is - can I use any brand of dish soap to work as a surfactant? Can I only use "Sunlight" dish soap as some old hippies claim? Do I even need to add that drop of dish soap?

    Any advice would be appreciated...thanx!

    mushead Active Member

    while i dont use soap myself, but as long as its fragrance and bleach/antibacterial free i think its okay. i believe the soap acts as a emulsifier and a surfactant, so yes you need something. the emulsifier keeps the oils from seperating and the surfactant makes it stick to the leaves. my recipe now is 1 gallon of 70 degree RO water, 1.5tsp of neem oil, 1.5 tsp of karanja oil, 2 tsp of liquid silica(for emulsifier) and 1tbsp of liquid yucca extract for the surfactant. my plants absolutely love the yucca. i mix this concoction in a baby food jar with a little bit of water. then add my yucca to the RO water, and slowly add the neem/karanja mix to it. im sure i could go heavier on the oils but this was the closest to happy i came while experimenting with mixes, looking for a even milky mix. there are soaps made espicaly to mix with neem oil, soap nut maybe? hope some of that helps.
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