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mixing carbo load big bud and bud blood

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by firebrand18rjr, Mar 25, 2008.


    firebrand18rjr Well-Known Member

    should i mix these powdered additives together with my gal. water during the whole flowering period? or are there certain times to use these. any help is appreciated.
    Bamm Bamm

    Bamm Bamm Well-Known Member


    saltypimp Well-Known Member


    here use this formula, you use 1 at a time regarding to your big bud and other, you can use carbload with any product you want

    here is a chart... I suggest and reccomend you use overdrive from Advanced nutrients as well... helps make you nugs denser and rock hard...

    measured using a .70 ratio,,, (important... measuring 300 ppms on a hanna, .5 would be 420 ppms regsrding to this chart since was measured usingf .70

    hanna meters - .50 (newer models can change this to .70
    eutech meter - .64
    Trucheon meters - .70 ratio

    week 2(50ppm bigbud)
    week 3 (100ppm bigbud)
    week 4 (200ppm bigbud)
    week 5 (300ppm bigbud)
    week 6(250ppm overdrive)
    week 7(200ppm overdrive)
    -----------------------------5ML OF BIG BUG =300 PPM

    firebrand18rjr Well-Known Member

    i dont use ppm . i just weigh it out with a scale like it says per gallon

    saltypimp Well-Known Member

    whoops... I meant the above waas using a .5 conversion... sorry...

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