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Miracle Grow vs Organic potting soil..Fact

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by 420swed, Jun 7, 2009.


    420swed Well-Known Member

    Oh thats what iam hoping for.

    Yeh your plant looks great man and yeh that sounds like a good mixture.
    radric davis

    radric davis Member

    Good info. I have sum bag seed that I was just practicing on in regular miracle grow and its sprouting now. Now that my elite seeds are here, I have 2 40 pound bags of fox farm ocean that will be here tomorow for my real grow. I was planning on using the fox farms with a 1/3 perilite. But now after reading this thread I'm thinking I may go buy sum MG organic to mix in with the ff soil and the perilite to help stretch the ff since its expensive. Would this be a good idea? Or is it just better to plant in only ff or only mg organic soil?

    jonboy30 Well-Known Member

    Pearlite is fine to add. It's only job is to allow better drainage in the soil. It wouldn't hurt to use it, but FF soil is premium shit and they know what they're doing...that's what you're paying for. Try one just plain ole' FF and one with perlite. See what happens.

    GuncrazyNutcase Member

    Miracle Grow period is just a marijuana plant killer...never good

    dragun Active Member

    i have to say i used miracle grow and super soil in the past and the shit worked awsome.nothing like spending only 15.00 for a box of mg that would last all season.now i spend 400.00 for fox farm and earth juice nuts every year.it smokes a lot nicer.but when cash was tight mg came through.

    ElMonte74 Active Member

    i'm a newbie to growing and this is my plant

    its 4 months old and it turned out so so cause i really didnt know what i was doing from the beginning cause their leafy at the top but bare from the middle all the way down

    but heres my lady


    all grown with MG and dirt

    jrp677 Active Member

    MG worked fine for me UNTIL the last few weeks of flowering when my plants got locked up and all of the leaves began to die because the plant wasn't able to absorb the proper nutes from the soil. Granted, this was my first grow and I wasn't checking the PH of the run-off but IMO MG soil tends to get very acidic over a few months time. I WON'T EVER USE IT AGAIN! FU MG:finger:!
    Puna Bud

    Puna Bud Well-Known Member

    brah, you miss the whole point! It's not what you see in the end that counts. It's what your lungs tell you! Sure, the the naked eye, MG plants can look unreal! But have you ever looked at a plant that was feed MG under a pocket microscope? The trichommes look like they exploded on the surface of the plant!?! I mean what the fuck is that all about? Besides gang, it's truly the end product that we shou;d only be concerned about. I'm not talking about a beautiful plant either, I'm talking about how that plant smokes.

    That is where the difference in Organic and MG grown plants lie. The smoke makes all the difference too! A cannabis plant grown with MG soil or nutes will have smoke that always burns hot on the throat! You NEVER get that when you grow organic. Your joint will turn into a black molton, pile of crap that can't stay lit!

    I believe there are two types of individuals that use MG. Those who can't afford anything better, and those who don't know better(I'm talking to you newbies).
    I notice a lot of "pro" MG supporters talk about how nice their MG plants look,but no one talks about how nice their MG smokes? :-P

    kevin Well-Known Member

    i've done several indoor grows with mg and had great results, most people make the big mistake of over watering and releasing to many ferts, then to fix the problem they flush, which causes more damage than good. my last soil grow i bought some fox farms ocean forest, the plants are looking happy. this is my last soil grow. i have found the wonderful world of coco.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    I would say that what you said is about 95-plus% accurate. In the past when there were far fewer types of fertilizers to pick from and what there was, was at times difficult to find I did grow with MG products and I will say they do work.
    One problem with MG products, as with most or all chemical fertilizers is it is much easier to burn your plants. Compare the NPK numbers of organic or mostly organic fertilizers to MG or other chemical fertilizers and that alone should explain it to you. A minor miscalculation in measurement/feeding can cause a problem.
    I do agree with the harsher smoke part too but I did find that if you begin flushing earlier and do it heavier and begin the molasses thing earlier while your smoke will still be somewhat harsher than going all organic or mostly organic it will not always be throat/lung burning smoke. It still can be somewhat smooth and flavorful .. but not as much as going organic or mostly organic.
    I agree with what you said are the most likely reasons for people picking MG fertilizer but I would add one to lack of knowledge/experience and price. Ready availability of MG products also makes them appealing to some. Lacking a quality hydro or plant &garden store nearby makes the one stop WalMart or Lowes shopping trip where MG products can always be found tempting. Also some growers, younger ones mainly but also those who have had credit problems, may not or do not have credit cards or even debit cards to use online to purchase what they cannot find locally or within reasonable driving distance. Also some grower are overly paranoid about having anything that might possibly be herb growing related purchased online and shipped to their home so some avoid some products for that reason alone.
    Still I would guess that the majority of MG users do fall into the two groups of growers you mentioned, those who cannot afford anything better and or who simply do not know any better.

    If someone wants to use a dry time release fertilizer I would suggest they check out the line of Fox Farms dry time release fertilizers.
    northeastern lights

    northeastern lights Well-Known Member

    Pro-Mix Bx all the way.:fire: That and FF nutes.:weed:

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    Buster 420

    Buster 420 Active Member

    I use MG ferts and don't have any problems. I don't believe FF is all that special and nobody on this site or any other place has shown how or why it is. FF or MG doesn't do anything special to there soil that anybody can't do themselves. Sure you'll all say look at my buds and how good they smoke but I can do the same with MG, organic or hydro, where it's all chemical ferts. I haven't tested the ph of MG but since when is a little acid bad. It's great for my soil type but I'm not in the East.

    Growing any plant all comes down to good soil, water and time. The plant doesn't need us to grow, never has, and hopefully never will. I'm there to help it reach it's max potential with or without fertilizers.
    northeastern lights

    northeastern lights Well-Known Member

    True. FF nutes are just my preference. No matter what I have I will still achieve good results. For shits n' giggles after this next batch is done inside I will feed MG to a few of my girls. I'll start a thread on it. Won't be for another 4-5 weeks though.

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