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miracle grow patio food vs. organic

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by buckwheat1085, Nov 27, 2008.


    buckwheat1085 Well-Known Member

    what are positives and negatives of these?

    also if I use miracle grow and flush fro two weeks will the taste be the same or close?

    what are some cheap and good organics I can use?

    richjames Well-Known Member

    miracle gro has some bad raps among growers, no, it's not the best, but it's not the worst either. Miracle gro has tons of Nitrogen from UREA, along with all the other time released nutes which makes it easy to burn ur plants with. My buddy used tons of miracle grow, the blue stuff, on his outdoor plant this summer, never burned it though, did like ur sayin and flushed it for two weeks with mollasses, it tasted great, the buds that is ha ha. Organic ferts are the best imo, even the cheap ones would be better than mg. Organic nutes are available to the plant as soon as u put the in the soil for the most part, and it's pretty hard to over do them. downsides to organics, would be that they are all pretty much acidic out of the bottle, which means u gotta adjust the ph to proper levels before watering, which u gotta do anyway even with just plain water so its not that big of deal. Go to the local nursery if u don't have a hydro store nearby, they'll have some decent organic stuff for cheap too, like 10 bucks qt depending on which brand u choose. It's really up to u, hard to go wrong with organics.

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