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miracle gro potting soil

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Kassidy, Oct 11, 2007.


    Kassidy Well-Known Member

    my girl just got this huge bag of miracle gro potting soil from her mum. is the shit safe to use with marijuana, ive been told miracle gro will kill ur buds. whats the deal?

    dan-o-tronic Active Member

    i used miracle gro for my plant and it worked out fine. i dont think its organic though. the one i used is miracle gro-premium potting mix - 0.14-0.14-0.14

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    I use it all the time for my mother plants and I usually grow aero but keep my moms in miracle grow moisture control soil. I actually have a grow going now with BlueBerry and sweet purple in Miracle grow Moisture control soil. You have to use the Miracle Grow Moisture Control soil only the other stuff like plain MG potting soil or mulch mix are not any good. Check my gallery the pics of moms are in MG moisture control in 5 gallon buckets. I use plain water for firsdt 45 days then just add some bat guano on top after that every 2 weeks

    ivebeencanceled Well-Known Member

    Its fine to use.

    Kassidy Well-Known Member

    ite, thanks

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    These are about 15 days old in Miracle grow moisture control soil. No nutes just water every week 14 days veg 1 day in flower now.Vegged under 1 400 watt mh and now under 1 600 watt hps light...

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    guitarman7311 Well-Known Member

    look at my profile pic. I didnt grow it hee but thats a pic of a 10 day old plant in regular miracle grow potting soil under 2 10 dollar walmart gro lites.. Do not use the organic mix , although it seems like common sense, its not as good, or maybe too good, heee. Just use the regular with the 1 to 3 month slow feed nutes. The only problems may be with some strains u get a tad fertilizer burn on bottom leaves and a lil curling up but when it kiks in u will notice a spurt of growth. Dont add any extra ferts until u flower. And if u do transplant into more miracle grow then wait 1 more month to add a mild fert maybe fish emulsion and potash. That is saying u flower at around 12 inches. At least thats what Ive heard. heee.

    guitarman7311 Well-Known Member

    By the way those lil cheap walmart grow lites kik ass when u duct tape em together. Ha ha !! It makes em grow short and bushy . In about a month there ready for sum stretchin with a hps. I wouldnt bullshit a bullshitter now wood eye ?? Friggin bushes I tell ya !!!

    guitarman7311 Well-Known Member

    Look at the dudes planta above mine. See how stretched they are ?? I mean they still look nice but that lil short plant in my pic has about 6 nodes already and is bushy underneath the large fatassed leaves. And is already smellin skunky. Or so Im told heee.

    cbw059 Member

    Thanks for this thread. I just relize that my plants are yellowing at the bottom and slightly burn on a couple of tips. I am in veg with some young clones and seedlings. I now realize that you cant use MG soil and strong Jacks 20 20 20 at the same time.Was wondering why the mothers (same 20 20 20) were so deeply green, and the clones signifantly lighten up to yellow. That just goes to prove that newbies are always (or should be) learning. Thanks again to every for sharing your knowledge and experience.
  11. there is better out there......

    cbw059 Member

    Quick question. How tall were these lovely plants after 15 days of veg. I have exactly the same set up.

    bigsteve Well-Known Member

    MG potting mix is fine for growing. If you are used to it you will not like their MG moisture control soil. Water seems to run right off.

    WARNING -- I have twice lost seedlings because the emerging plant got trapped in the soil by a large chunk of wood in the potting mix.
    I run the MG potting mix through a screen that filters out the larger chunks of wood in the soil. Also, twice in 2 years I have had some kind of vine-looking
    thing growing in my pot along with the bean. Something that came in the soil and grew. Watch for that. I sent a note telling the MG people and they sent me a check for $10.24.

    Good luck, BigSteve.

    tune420 Member

    I'm using the same soil but my leaves have been curving inward :sad:.. its 2 weeks in the veg and i havent given it any nutrients. i moved the plant out of this little grow box i made and put it somewhere more ventilated with a 6500k cfl 3 inches over it. what should i doPLEASE HELP!

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    914 005.jpg

    Does it look like this one?, it's an old pic of mine using MG. Notice all of the crab clawing leaves, it was my last time using that crap.

    Try and find some Promix, then transplant into a better medium.
    Bad Teddy

    Bad Teddy Member

    Why not just use the MG for the flowering? Im sure there isn't enough of nutes to harm it then

    tune420 Member

    372.jpg its not that big ..not sure if ur leaves are curling down did your plant give u any buds? Only reason I'm still using miraclegrow is cus im tight on money for the next week .. But ive been reading ppl grow it just fine with mg

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I got buds off that plant...quite a few actually. The problem was the type of bud, it's what I call rice krispie weed. Snap, krackle, pop when you smoke it from too many nutes.

    Your issue appears to be over-watering at the moment, and that container you're using?. Is that a glass bowl??

    Vindicated Well-Known Member

    You should have two soils, one for germination (Miracle Gro, Seed Starting Potting Mix) and one established plants. I wouldn't hesitate to use the moisture control just don't add nutrients. FWIW there are better choices that cost less if you shop around. I use Kellogg Patio Plus @ $4 a bag. Scotts MG line goes for $8 a bag in my area.

    cobra28widow New Member

    Ive been using Miracle Gro for the last 13 years.. Make sure you get MG moisture control.. that stuff is wayy better than any other MG soil..

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