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Miracle Gro or no?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by William253, May 27, 2012.


    William253 Member

    I'm just curious to see what other growers think of miracle gro for their plants. More specifically the all purpose plant food which is 24-8-16. Obviously it would be best to use some nutrients more orientated for marijuana but could you produce some fire using miracle grow? It's just so convenient to buy a 5lb box of it for 10 dollars. So what do you guys think, could it work? Absolutely not? Or is it very beneficial? Thanks guys

    Prefontaine Well-Known Member

    I would only use the tinniest amount of miracle grow in conjunction with good nutes. The problem with miracle grow is most of the nitrogen is not in a readily available form. it must be processed by beneficial bacteria in order to be available to the plant. this means miracle grow will quickly put the salt content of your soil through the roof. so if your going to use miracle grow get a soil ph meter, costs like 10 bucks and you can keep an eye on the buildup.

    Izoc666 Well-Known Member

    yeah thats fine to use for your grow...im pretty sure that Miracle Gro all purpose will come with spoon measure , one big scoop is 1 tablespoon and on other small scoop is 1/4, thats first you can use with small scoop..use 1/4 if you can read the plant to let you know if this plant need more food or not..depend what plant call for...i always use one or two small scoop per gallon.

    To make sure if you did add the LIME to pre mix soil ? Because this MG nutreint is missing out on cal.mag...I have Espoma s garden LIME and also Botaincare cal/mag. Remember to read the plants , good luck

    Happy growing and peace
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    Weedasaurus Well-Known Member

    i would stay away from it. just grab some foxfarm soil and be done with it

    Weredabluntsat Member

    Go with 15.30.15. If your using miracle grow sol it already has a lot of nitrogen. From experience I've used that24.8.16 and miracle grow soil and got dark purple stems.I then started hittin it wit 15.30.15 and they took right off with a nice green. Since then I've 86ed all miracle grow and now use fox farm
    n fertilize it with bat guano mixed in the water. Best move I've made

    Vindicated Well-Known Member

    Read the ingredients of Miracle Gro fertilizer and compare it with GH, AN or any other nutrient brand. Same exact stuff, just a slightly different ratio.
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    squarepush3r Well-Known Member

    actually not exactly, MG doesn't have any calcium or magnesium and the main nutrients are in ammonium forms which means they can only be used in soil. It is ok, if you must use MG I would supplement with a Cal Mag supplement on top of it at the least.

    scroglodyte Well-Known Member

    down with super-phosphates.................burn Monsanto
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    medical/420 Active Member

    i have SEEN good results from using 1/10 the minimun dose of miracle grow plant food feed to a healty plant in potting soil mixed with manuer , lime, humus
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    Vindicated Well-Known Member

    No Ca or Mg? Wouldn't tap and rainwater water, which is what most gardeners use, fix that? Plus I also thought MG uses MicroMaxx, Scott's time-released micro-nutrient fertilizer. IDK, I've used MG many times without any problems.

    I don't care for Scotts, the company that owns Miracle Gro, and how they operate, but I could say that about most of the hydroponic companies that are advertising to cannabis growers (cough * Advanced Nutrients * Canna * General Hydroponics * cough).

    I'm in the west coast and Kellogg is about as local as I can get short of sifting my own soil and composting myself. I like their soil and I like their organic fertilizers a lot more then Miracle Gro. Lilly Miller, the company that makes Alaska Fish Emulsions is also a big favorite of mine. Kellogg's All Purpose Organic Fertilizer (4-4-4) is $6 at Home Depot and Lowes. They also have a tomato blend for anyone looking for an extra bit of nitrogen. Alaska Fish Emulsions (5-1-1) only cost $6 and their MorBloom is $10. A little more expensive, but really good stuff when used on native soils or with organic potting mixes.
    Alexander Supertramp

    Alexander Supertramp Well-Known Member

    Most tap water does contain enough calcium for plants but often falls short in the magnesium department. Nothing a little epsoms salts wont take care of. Rainwater is pretty benign in the minerals....
    I have seen some great looking plants grown with MG products. Its the pre-ferted medium of theirs that can cause some headaches. Beyond the label of the fancy ferts there is no such thing as a cannabis specific nute. The marketers just want you to think this so they can dig deeper in your pockets......

    kinetic Well-Known Member

    you can grow in mg, I have, I know people that do. From my own experience and riu I've learned to move on. I grow other plants, herbs and vegies as well to make observations with. Go to a local nursery/greenhouse if you have one and see if they sell something like gardeners gold. It's the same price point as mg and is a MUCH better soil. Compare the two side by side, and I'm pretty sure you'll see the difference. You defenitly have to amend mg for drainage if you use it.

    bigsteve Well-Known Member

    I won't veg with anything else. I buy a big ol" Costco sized box that last 3 years.


    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    if you want to cheap out on nutes I'd use all purpose for veg and the tamato one for flower it won't be the best smoke but should be a lot better than brick and a whole lot better then paying top dollar for a plant over grow the planet fuck the dea and as matter of fact DOWN WITH THE D.E.A. !!! fucking with medical passiants is just fucked jailing someone for helping the sick I don't care if its a medical state or not fuck them all its a free country but its more like communism to me

    SCARHOLE Well-Known Member

    Miracal grow ownes!
    Used it for years,I'll never use anything else.
    Follow the directions an it works great.

    It does contain all micronutrient (exept calcium so use lime in the soil)
    It dosent have to convert the nitrates to usable forms with bacteria, that organics not chems.

    DANK MAN3 Member

    i have a couple plants that starting to fold up and brown tips and small brown spots & 1 of em turning yellowish green...there 15 days old...temp is 78....i water every 2 days...gud airflow.. and i use only mircale grow potting mix n the cups...my buddy says thats the problem using only that mircale grow potting mix that feeds plants for 6 months is starting burning the plants....another says cause i use 24 hr lights... the lights aernt close..bout foot off..and yes i use tap...please let me know sum thing thanks
    Bama Dan

    Bama Dan Member

    I'm also using MG potting soil...just hope these babies grow and make me happy..

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    ganga gurl420

    ganga gurl420 Well-Known Member

    From true experience.....stay awa
    away!!!! I never did a good yield on it! Once I switched to organic....wow.
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    MonkeyGrinder Well-Known Member

    One big scoop is a tablespoon and a half. There's a small line marker inside of the big scoop for a tablespoon.
    It's a common mistake people make.

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    I've used it and it works fine. How about that?!

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