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Miracle Gro Moisture Control

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by G0tPiFF, Jan 1, 2010.


    G0tPiFF Member

    Im using MG moisture control and it feeds plants for up to 3 months and controls under and overwatering. i know weed likes wet/dry periods but with this soil that doesnt really happen. it was 5 days i havent watered my plant and the soil is still a little moist. so should i wait like 2 weeks or something till its dry? what should i do??

    riddleme Well-Known Member

    you should actually transplant in a different soil with MG moisture control your gonna run into problems

    manlookingj Active Member

    I've used it, and treated it like regular soil with feeding every third watering or so with no bad results, it works fine. Although I just used water for the first month pretty much and started with a light mix of nutes the first time but quickly went to full strength. so, Like I said, it works fine.
    PS I dont use alot of nutes for during the grow process. Course I try to catch rain water or let my tap water set on a course, but I figure the natural fertilizers in the soil and water take care of most of my plants, just making sure they get the npk additionally though. Good luck

    G0tPiFF Member

    ok so should my watering schedule be like for a soil like this? once a week, once every two weeks?

    desertflower Well-Known Member

    Water it when it needs it, without letting the soil get bone dry.

    Is there something hard about that?

    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    ^What 'Mr Rude' was trying to say, was to water it when you can stick your finger down into the top on the soil(about 2 inches), and don't feel any dampness/moisture. I water mine when the top inch of soil is completely dry, and that works out pretty well. After you do it for a little while you'll be able to tell rather easily, when they need watered.

    I use that soil too, and have had good results with it. I'm still going to change over to a better soil, like Fox Farms, just because i know that it's a little better and a little easier to manage. It's made for growing weed, so what could be better than that, right?LOL

    riddleme Well-Known Member


    riddleme Well-Known Member

    and if you do the finger thing with moisture control you could have problems because of the moisture control holding water longer deeper down

    better to watch the plant and water at first signs of leaf drooping

    NOTE if stem droops you have waited to long

    GeeTee Well-Known Member

    i also use mg soil but not moisture control. i mix my soil 50/50 wit sum humus and manure. i veg for 4-5 weeks and dont use no veg nutes at all and they do fine. i only use flower nutes.

    manlookingj Active Member

    usually end up watering two good flushes a week. with only giving nutes at recomened at every third watering. Thats using five gallon containers.

    manlookingj Active Member

    I don't really do the finger thing either, not that its bad, but sometimes I want it dry for a day. But mostly I try to think and imitate nature at a good condition. Rain every couple of days, and lots of sunshine.

    growone Well-Known Member

    many growers use the 'weight' method for watering
    just get a feel for the weight of the pot wet and dry

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