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Minimum Amount of Light To Keep Plant Alive

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by budweiser200, Dec 29, 2008.


    budweiser200 Active Member

    minimum amount of light to keep a plant alive? like whats the smallest light i could give it to keep it alive indoor and if i grow it outdoors how many hours of light does it need to survive? would it shock if i put it outdoor at 11am-5pm then keep it inside? it is 60 degree and sunny during day and around 30 at night.would it survive??

    Sgt.Sly Well-Known Member

    Ya your plant would survive for a while, but not well. Wouldn't you want you plant to THRIVE rather than just survive?

    stilltokin Well-Known Member

    100 watts of cfl(meaning compact fluorescent lights) is probably the minimum to keep it growing normally and looking good. Then for flower, u can flower with a shit load of cfls but its better and also easier to get a minimum 250watt hps. theres also a cheapo 150watt hps i heard from econo something. Maybe sum1 on here knows where to get it.
    Have fun im really blazed so i hope all that made sense?:sleep:

    budweiser200 Active Member

    ya but im just trying to keep it living during the cold till it gets hot again,then leave it outside all day. how many hours of light are minimum for it to live and grow??

    jrh72582 Well-Known Member

    just wait until it gets warmer.

    it's stupid to start too early for the season. just plan your shit and start your seedlings later when it's time.

    Sgt.Sly Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if anyone else will agree, but what you wanna do "just keep it alive" boderlines on Plant abuse! These plants DO have a life span, so just doing ENOUGH to keep it alive is not going to do it any good for strength, and ability to deal with pests once you do move it outside. not to mention how much of it's life you've wasted. Get some good lights on it. You should be able to find some decent CFL's for under 30 bucks. Otherwise you might as well just smoke it now. Also, it will need to have lights on it16-18 hours a day. Until you flower it, then it's 12 hours a day.

    artofit Member

    :leaf:I have been able to get plants surviving with a 125W compact fluorescent light with 6500 K light wave but I had problems in flowering stage. Changing the bulb to a lower Kelvin did not help (2700K). When I finally had the power restored after two months I used the metal halide lamp and plants did very well. (these plants were under light for 4 months total. By the way, Is that you in that picture? What I really wanted to say is "that is some awesome, class A1+++, fantastoco, high THC butt you got there my friend".:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

    dbrownell777 Member

    Minimum rule of thumb for me is 30 watts per square foot. Also If you regenerate your plants the life span is elongated. Leave a few buds on a plant after harvest under long hour light patterns, and a few weeks later the plant will start to veg again. With the root ball and base plant grown already the veg cycle is about half time. Or longer if you want it to sit over winter to wait for the warm. It will only get bigger. Polinate after a few Harvests or put the plant to rest. It will keep it the plants vigor up. But also by then you have a small tree!!!!!:joint::shock:

    Sorry. Realized the post was a bit old.

    GanjaGod420000 Well-Known Member

    TY for sayin it Sgt. Sly! I certainly agree... Why would one ask a question like, whatz the LEAST I can do, just so my plant won't die? I mean, what r u growing for, some sort of twisted nazi-esque experiment?Treat your plants like you would your dog or cat or buddy... The question to ask is what MORE can I do for my plants that I'm not already doing?

    GanjaGod420000 Well-Known Member

    I wont even entertain the idea of suggesting minimums... If u can't go full steam ahead, then put yer op on hold until u r ready to dedicate more of yourself to cultivation... Itz JUST like keeping a poor dog on a chain in a backyard and never feeding him and barely giving it water, and kicking the shit out of him when you DO go out to see him... Kindof abusive..... Mary Jane deserves better!

    jody709 Active Member



    JASON79 Active Member

    i have a 3ft twin 21watt tube t5 and it works well for mother plants

    so a twin 1ft t5 tube would keep

    them healthy but grow slow

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