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Mini DWC Grow - Poison

Discussion in 'DWC/ Bubbleponics' started by Belle of Buds, Apr 30, 2013.

    Belle of Buds

    Belle of Buds Member

    Okay, so I had this crazy idea. I have a nice 4x4 tent and no need for a micro grow, but I just like playing around. Here's my idea. I am going to see if I can grow a little mother plant in a mini DWC bucket made out of an ice cream bin and a AeroGarden.

    Here goes:

    First, I got my supplies together.

    An ice cream bucket - I like the WalMart brand that comes in the square 1 gallon container.
    A 3" net pot
    A little clean hydroton (no the stuff in the dry pic isn't clean, I know that... LOL)
    An airstone and pump
    Some panda film
    An Aerogarden with the base removed

    I removed the handle from the bucket, and wrapped it in panda film, black side in. One of the reasons I chose this brand of ice cream container is because the lid is labeled with a thick white paper that makes it almost lightproof. I then set the net pot on the lid and traced a circle. Then I cut a hole about and 1/8" larger than the circle all the way around.

    The rest is simple, just put the hydroton in the netpot, drop the netpot in the hole, put fresh, properly pH'd water in the bucket (1/2 gallon) and add an airstone. I sprouted the seedling in rockwool until the root stuck about a 1/2" out the bottom, then removed the rockwool and placed the seedling in the hydroton. This allowed me to take up a lot of her stretchy early stem and turn it into part of the root system.

    I have a pic here showing her in her new DWC bucket with the Aerogarden all the way down. In the last pic, I show how high the light can go. That will be her max height. I plant to top and LST her to keep her short and use her to create clones for my next grow.

    So what do you think? Will it work? I will probably need to keep her roots trimmed as well as LST'ing and topping her, but I think it will work. I don't intend to flower her there. I will move her to the flood table in the tent when it's time to flower.

    DSCF8812.jpg DSCF8813.jpg DSCF8815.jpg

    DSCF8817.jpg DSCF8816.jpg
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    Belle of Buds

    Belle of Buds Member

    Really? Nobody wants to go along on this adventure with me? On day 3 in the mini-DWC, little Gracie Poison is doing great. Water temps are staying nice and low and everything is going well. :weed:

    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    Nice little setup! I will follow belle

    Im going to move this thread to dwc
    Belle of Buds

    Belle of Buds Member

    Hi and welcome! My little girl is going really well in her 1 gallon DWC bucket. She popped out on 4/29 and today, 4 days later, she has begun her second set of leaves. It all started cuz I wanted to pop a new seed in prep for a future grow. I wanted to do it right then but I didn't have any soil... But I had a bucket and an airstone, a net pot and some hydroton...I figured, what the heck!

    My plan is to veg her for about 30 days or so, get a nice set of clones, then grow the clones and Mom in my new Flood and Drain table.

    Malevolence New Member

    Don't worry, no one posts on mine either.

    I know there was someone around here doing a dwc in a large soup can, so you can do it... just watch for root rot. He actually was flowering in the container.

    What nutes/additives do you use for veg? Wondering if you use benes or h2o2. I couldn't keep a little thing like that below 78* in my tent.

    I know how you feel about wanting to get started on the next shit... I try to be patient and enjoy all stages of growth... but really I'm just ready for them to be in like week 4+ of flower, especially starting new seedlings.
    Belle of Buds

    Belle of Buds Member

    Right now, I'm keeping everything really simple. For nutes for veg, I've got DynaGro. I may use H2O2 if I need to. I've been real impressed with the setup. Since it's not in my tent, the res temps have been nice and cool with no issues. I have the bucket sitting under the lamp portion of my Aerogarden. Those lamps are decent CFL's for vegging and the res has been a steady 73-74 degrees.

    Actually, I've had a perpetual grow going for about a year and I'm getting real tired of everything in constant staggered stages. I'm really looking forward to this next grow because it will be one set of plants from beginning to end and I will enjoy every phase of the grow. I wanted to get her going now because my tent will be empty of the last flowering plant (there are 5 in there now and one sitting in the dark ready for harvest) about mid-June and then I will be starting an new grow. I'm thinking I can grow this girl big enough in the next 30 days to give me 8-10 nice clones, which I will then root, veg, and flower in one run in the tent.

    I'm just getting geared up now (besides, it was just FUN) for my first full run in the tent. When the last girl is done in there, I'm gonna heavy clean the whole thing, clean the fans and the cool tube, put in a new bulb, and I'm so excited I could burst!

    I seriously love growing weed... :weed:

    Malevolence New Member

    Hell yea... I love growing it too. I do enjoy all stages of growth, but I think it will be easier to be more patient once I have enough to not run out between grows; been out of bud for a week and vaporizing trim now, so I'm ready for another harvest, plus I'm excited about the strains. I'm pretty much in the opposite situation: I'm looking to begin a perpetual cycle once I induce flowering on my current seedlings. Once my current rainbow of strains is thrown in flower, I plan to begin growing out entire packs pheno hunting to build my stash of 5-6 favorites.

    73-74* res temps is pushing it for most people in DWC; keep a very close eye on your roots. Most try to stay around 68* but just watch for it, or better yet begin preventative maintenance now before a problem begins. You could possibly use a little ice every day a few hours after the sun comes up in your tent... maybe a small bug juice bottle or those frozen gel sport packs. I have never used h2o2 so can't say much about it, but if you can get a $15 bottle of aquashield you can pretty much rest easy about your temps.

    Sounds like you have it handled though with your weapons of cultivation in one hand and a little pot of magic in the other.
    Belle of Buds

    Belle of Buds Member

    Bless her little heart, her first root hit the water last night and by this evening, the sucker was 4 inches long. She's growing well and looking fine. Oh, an on my res temps... okay I suck at math. My meter only displays in celcius and I can't get my head around celcius. The temp meter has been reading between 20 and 21 and when I did the math, I came to 73 or 74. I finally looked it up on Google this morning and realized that my temps are around 69.

    And here's the rest of my current grow. There are currently five plants in there that will be harvested over the next six weeks. There are four bagseeds and a Psycho Killer. That PK is the last of a long line of clones. I've been cloning and running that one for over a year. This will end that run.


    not4n Well-Known Member

    I plan on doing a micro-dwc in the near future as well. I was planning on using a 4L/1 gal. milk jug. I have a super small garden already going. 2 x 42w cfls (1 x 6500k and the other 3200k..i think its 3200k..otherwise its 2300). How many watts and what k is the aerogarden light? Can't wait to see more of ur garden!! Do you have any info on the strain you have there (poison)?
    Belle of Buds

    Belle of Buds Member

    Hi! The Aerogarden has two 26watt bulbs of a proprietary configuration. There are tutorials on converting it to regular CFL sockets, but I just haven't bothered.

    A 1 gallon milk jug ought to work every bit as well as mine... Mine is a 1 gallon ice cream tub. You could even get one of those with the light blocking container and save the wrapping step.

    As for the strain, here's the blurb from Attitude:
    Eva Seeds Veneno (Poison) is a cross between Papa's Candy and Monster, inheriting the best of each. It is a hardy plant, the buds long, thick, compact and have an abundance of trichomes. The aroma and sweet flavour of strawberries and forest fruits give a very powerful aroma. Veneno is a plant of easy cultivation even for first-time growers. Her cannabis seeds are very resistant to pests, especially to powdery mildew. Outdoors allow pruning, multiplying their performance. Spectacular indoor growing with low consumption.

    Be sure and post if you get your milk jug DWC going. I'd like to see. I have some new pictures of her, but I can't find the cable for my camera :-(
    sky rocket

    sky rocket Well-Known Member

    Belle of Buds

    Belle of Buds Member


    Here's my little girl, nine days from seed in her mini-DWC. Water temps are stable, she seems to be loving the 1/2 strength nutes, and I'm thinking one more week on 1/2 strength and then we'll see what she thinks of full strength nutes. She has several 5-6 inch long root tendrils swishing around in the res already.


    NHgrowdude Member

    That's a bad ass set up
    Belle of Buds

    Belle of Buds Member

    Evening growers... my little girl is doing great! Here she is at 17 days from seed. That tidbit of brown on the front leaf was from me being over-eager to put nutes in her water. Burned her baby leaves a little bit, but the new growth is looking fine.

    sky rocket

    sky rocket Well-Known Member

    With your burnt tips what was your ppm?
    Belle of Buds

    Belle of Buds Member

    I had it just over 1000 (but not quite 1100), but she was too young. I cut it by half then eased it back up the next week. This week, she's loving 1000. The breeder write-up said she was a low feeder.

    OrgoneConclusion Member

    Belle of Buds

    Belle of Buds Member

    Hey folks! Sorry I've been MIA. I had a bit of a mishap that has temporarily cost me the sight in my right eye... getting better though. I've been off the computer for over a month.

    OrgoneConclusion: I read your thread! I like your coffee can set up. To bad it went "rogue-boy" on you. I do hate when that happens. It's always the fast growing, strong, healthy ones... it's never the puny, struggling to live plant that ends up male...LOL

    As for the rest of you, my project was a partial success. I ended up with only three clones from my Poison plant, but she was quite pretty in her little DWC bucket.

    Now, I've moved those clones and a pack of seedlings to my new Ebb and Flow table. The link to my new thread is in my signature. Hope to see some of you over there! Thanks for following.

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