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Mindfulness Meditation For Medical Users

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Patients' started by DIY-HP-LED, Oct 4, 2017.


Would you like to see a mindfulness meditation course offered for pot users?

  1. yes

  2. no


    DIY-HP-LED Well-Known Member

    To keep it simple:

    Compassion: max cooperative human survival mode, uses other emotions as required, but is usually in the driver's seat (maybe!). Parenting, community cooperative effort and caring, etc

    Fear/hate: Instinctive survival emotion

    Need/Greed: No explanation required for these two

    It's really simple, you are in one of these three states all the time, even when you are horey. Love/lust
    If compassion is not in the driver's seat what is? Practice to find out on the fly, not a perfect art though unless yer enlightened or something, I'm not, but I figure it might have been something like that with me. I'm more the brain builder/science type, not religious. Something happened and I will find out, sure it happened to lots of Buddhist nerds and geeks, haven't looked yet.

    Gotta practice more myself and it's a bitch to do, without a regular job!

    gb123 Well-Known Member

    doin a bang up job..,,,,,, self made guppies ! (:
    is that asexual by the way? :-?
    New Age United

    New Age United Well-Known Member

    Wow that's a book bro. When I get some time this weekend I will read through this thread and perhaps we can discuss some things.

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