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Midweek Song Review

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by crazycatpeekin22, Feb 12, 2015.


    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    strange, never encountered a situation where QB needed to speak with anyone to begin an account.
    I know several people selling all kinds of items with their QB account.
    if you have to talk to them why not sell stickers and clothing items too?
    you know most everyone else has seed sales/merchant accounts figured it out, maybe ask one of them what they do?

    Humple Well-Known Member

    Just put in my first order with MWS. Better freebies this time than Attitude offered. Looking forward to popping some Cluster Bomb and Ice Bomb in the near future! Paying with Bitcoin was a BITCH. Hopefully now that I've set it up, it'll be easier next time. Speaking of payment methods... Is Google Wallet available in the UK? A lot of the kratom vendors here in the US have been going through hell with CC processors too, so some are switching to Google Wallet. It was by far the most painless "alternative" payment method I've tried yet. Might not even be possible, but just a thought...
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    zalo New Member

    I ordered Canna Sutra Delta9 labs seeds from midweek song and they never worked out. I'm a experienced grower, send them a email at contact @ midweeksong com complaining about this defective product and they never responded.
    Beware of them.
    Invoice #100003924
    for Order #100006324
    Midweek Song

    Midweek Song Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Many thanks for the comment Zalo

    As a new RIU member that ordered with us on 4 Sep 2016 and complained to us in June 2017 why has it taken so long for you to reach out on here please???
    Your order was for a full unopened pack was it not. But of course, you are experienced so it is obviously our fault. Correct.
    We send out with EVERY order that we cannot, and are not allowed by UK law, to speak or communicate about germination issues as we and EVERY other UK Seedbank only sell for souvenir purposes.
    Please understand what we are saying with these words as they are very important to our legal status as seed suppliers.
    I do hope that you have had better luck with your more recent purchases

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    zalo New Member

    Thank you guys for the response here.
    I don't like doing bad reviews. But please answer the emails.

    cdub707 Member

    Hi Lewis my name is Chris and I placed an order with you over two weeks ago, it says my cash payment has been sitting in your po box almost 6 days. Ive been emailing back and forth with Tom, but no contact in days now. A little worried here. What is going on?
    Midweek Song

    Midweek Song Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser



    cdub707 Member

    Yes you guys sorted and Lewis and Midweek Song is very great to deal with, best customer service I've received from any bank. All my orders from here on out will be with these guys. Thanks again Lewis.

    staygreener Well-Known Member

    Edit: BTC payment is all good, albeit not ideal. I hate to give exact details.
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    staygreener Well-Known Member

    After 4-5 orders, they continue to be the first ones I go to for seeds. No shipments intercepted and they quickly fixed an error on their end last time.

    Loss of the CC option sucks, but I've learned to embrace bitcoin.

    Definite recommend.
    Robert Keller

    Robert Keller New Member

    Attempted an order to get some Magnum auto by Buddha. Had to send cash which made it. Package was reported "delivered to individual" but did not arrive in my box. I was home when the postman came up the steps. I paid for guaranteed delivery. I let them know the package was a no show. Will post again when I see what they do about it.

    Delivery came by later in the evening. I'm guessing the postman left the package in his bag by mistake and it was delivered by truck later. I liked their choice of freebies better than other seed shops.
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