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Midcoast Caregiver currently taking patients....

Discussion in 'Maine Patients' started by Yourkare, Apr 21, 2014.


    Yourkare Member

    Im looking for new patients in the Midcoast Maine Area, I currently have two main strains available Pineapple Kush, (everyone loves this), Sometimes I have White Widow, or on request I have it, both excellent quality... I have and have access to many other strains, will do requests but not all...

    If interested please contact me http://yourkare.com. or email: [email protected]
    space is limited.

    This is a photo of my Pineapple Kush that was taken two weeks before it was harvested...
    I use little to no chemical fertilizers depending on strains..

    I am a one person operation and not Walmart... I pay very close attention to my customers/patients needs, but still remain a human...

    Got Trichome? Thank you for your time..
    YourKare - PineappleKush.jpg
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    Sleepybud Active Member

    Nice! I can smell it from here!

    Yourkare Member

    Thanks, I call it the sweet smell of success.... It taste great too...

    Yourkare Member

    I wanted to post my current price schedule, which is subject to change at anytime, but hasn't in a while...

    Patients who purchase once a month or more and allow me all six plants, can purchase most 8 week, medium yielding strains for 200.00/ .oz plus sales tax or 211.00 /.oz
    For everyone else, I require at least one plant for eight weeks, we charge 237.44 /.oz plus sales tax or 245.00 /oz.

    Regulars Only:
    $100.00 / 1/2 oz. plus sales tax..
    $60.00 / 1/4 oz. plus sales tax..

    Contact for more info: http://yourkare.com
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    Dabedboss New Member

    Can you get concentrates and oils as I have pain and stress issues

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