Mexican Brick Weed Seeds

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    rzza Well-Known Member

    you didnt get a weight?

    tropical Well-Known Member

    I really like the vibes around the free mexican brick seeds. I think they are really under-utilized. They are free and usually yield huge amounts of very good bud.

    rzza...I'd love to see a pick of your plant if you get the chance..thanks.

    da07flopro Well-Known Member

    My first grow was a bubble bucket with a booty weed seed and a snow white seed from nirvana... the Bagseed turned out to be a pretty strong indica I think. It was very thick and short I think my grow journal should be in my sig great weed by the way I smoked out my friends and they all said it was some of the best they had had... crystal production was lacking but you couldnt deny the buzz... I harvested kinda early and it was a mellow head high that you could feel in your eyes it is only the second weed that could turn my eyes blood red with one hit *those were the days**

    roostertail1 Member

    i got a bunch of mexi seeds . i will trade them for some autos any takers haha :joint:

    kngofhearts2diefor Well-Known Member

    not sure what this post would count as but i grew a random as bag seed last year, in between a shed and a fence that i planted about mid may, filled the hole in with tiny bit of compost and some peace of mind fruit and flower about the first week of july it was about 4 leaf sets in and about a foot tall blowin in the wind when i got a probvation call for a hot ut. got out early sept and that mpother fucker was 6 feet tall and massively branched out, thing produced a ton i had to tie it sideways. incredible yeild. got 1 seed out of it. just planted it today. and her name is galactica! look out!

    rzza Well-Known Member

    king thats awesome dude, no pics?

    kngofhearts2diefor Well-Known Member


    kngofhearts2diefor Well-Known Member

    pgs 4 and 7 have the tyed down view best i can show for vigor

    tropical Well-Known Member

    kng...and that was a plant that didn't get much sunlight?? You just left it alone for a couple months and came back to a 6ft monster? That's awesome. How was the smoke and what was the final yield if you don't mind me asking? I think that's a pretty good name for that plant. I've heard of many people getting a lb off of one plant from mexi brick seeds. If you take care of this next plant and it turns female, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if you pulled down ~1lb. I'm hoping to get about 5 female brick seeds and get at least 1-2lbs. They will be in about 15 gallons of FFOF in a very sunny spot. And 1-2lbs is my conservative estimate.

    deoss69 Active Member

    man i have just harvested some o fthe best smoke ever seen from a mexi bag it was def sativa but the tast and hight were amazing smelled like lemons buds were not as dence as i would have liked but other than that really damn good smoke working with soem clones now to keep the strain alive will prob try to get seed from this one at some point and try to stabalize the genetics

    tropical Well-Known Member

    deos...good to hear your results. Like most sativas, the buds aren't going to be incredibly dense. I can't wait for another couple days when I can see what my 9 mexi bag seedlings look like. I'm kind of hoping they are really indica like I'm used to for faster flowering and because I'm a cancer patient that needs more of an indica high.
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    CR500ROOST Well-Known Member

    I got some brick weed but this brick weed looked dank,it was light green with a shit load of crystals and indica dominate.I also planted on of the seeds and this plant looks BOMB

    Trapt1nw0nder Active Member

    I grew mostly nothing but Mex swag seeds for about 6-7 years outdoors.... Since weed is so cheap here in south tex, I'd just keep seeds from whenever I'd run into a dope sack of bud, and would mark them all as how I rated the smoke from 1-10 of the original pot, and moreless named them by how I thought it would taste/look or the high.... I've grown plenty of Mex "crap" weed seeds that has been just as good as strains I pay 50+ dollars for 5-10 seeds, and if the mex weed I would get was good, I could get 10 seeds off a Nick..($5 and normally about 3.5 grams now a days, but 5-10 years ago I could get good mex weed for a dollar a gram, and sometimes less..... great mex bud have very few seeds, and maybe could find 5-10 in 5 grams, and all seeds are fully mature.... I still keep seeds, and gifted seeds from friends who run into good stuff, and save them for me...... So I say you sure should try out growing those seeds... Never know if you'll run into a gem.... They will normally grow 2-3x as good as the original, plus you know exactly what you put in it......

    1 thing I did find out about alot of mex seeds, is that alot have issues with being grown indoors, and I find that the foilage grows very thin and bland compared to bought A+ genetics....Most are indica dominate, but you do run into alot of huge sativas.....I've grown alot alot of great mex bud that has turned out DANK!.... But then again, being from south tex, the word in the street is that all the great brick weed stays down here, and the Dirt dirt junk is smuggled up north, since they know it will sell regardless, and people here wouldnt pay more than 100 for an LB of dirt, cuz weed like that here wont get bought cuz there is so much of it, and there is always someone with better stuff... Up north "they" can easily get 5-600 LB for the same dirt..... When I do get something like that, I deseed it, and make butter.... Quality mex will go for about 225 an LB to 300/350 if it is BOMB, and close to homegrown.... the kind that you can actually see crystals, and find 20-30 seeds at most in a whole lb if you're lucky..... Those are rare, and I'd buy it up in a heartbeat since I know I can easily make my money back, and still have an 1/2 an LB to myself, plus seeds of some REAL DOPE weed... But again... These are rare, so best I have seen in a while is 225 bud

    rzza Well-Known Member

    first, you said you grew mexican swag, then you said it came from the "dope sacks of bud". thats not mexican swag.

    Trapt1nw0nder Active Member

    There is TON of DOPE MEXICAN BRICK DANK SWAG down here where I'm from..... Like I said... Most of the good brick packed mexican swag stays down here like I said.... But we also get the dirt stuff of course...... I have grown both dirt and awesome mex weed.... Of course the better the bud, the better the end product of the seeds..

    rzza Well-Known Member

    what your not understanding is the "DOPE MEXICAN BRICK DANK SWAG" is an oxymoron as dank = great bud and swag = dirt weed. you CLEARLY have no clue what your talking about. now if your saying you have had TONS of good mexican brick ....that could make some sense (considering your idea of dank and mine is clearly wayyy different). but still doubtful.

    newatit2010 Well-Known Member

    I don't know what kind of pot it is but it's hard as hell to breakup. Any way I have grown a few and they areone hell of a big plant tall and round. I am growing one of the last ones I have had going out side it's 6+ feet tall and about that big around. It just starting to bud so it looks like a oct harvest. The guy that cuts my grass gave me s different strain so was working on them now. I came up with some barney farm seeds and these have been a bastard, started 4, 2 died could not get the head off them.

    Oh sorry back to your seeds grow them better than buying. Good luck

    ismokealotofpot New Member

    i grew some brick weed seed looks like indica to me and way better than what it came from. you never know unless you crack them. i had some that didnt turn out good and some that were true gems.

    edsweed Active Member

    q 034.jpg DSC00845.jpg i grew out my first crop with some regular 'reggie' seeds from as many different bags as i could get.. i had 5 girls 7 boys. i kept the best male and made a seed batch. for my first real grow it was great. the buds were small but smelled so skunky. the high was intense and numbing. much better than the sack stuff it started as. i was doing it indoors and had no problem with size, they only got to be 24 inches or so..
    as far as the seeds, they were all so small compared to what i started with. i think i harvested too early..
    i ended up with 5 totally different girls as far as size and bud shapes in my first grow...
    i am now into the 7th 0r 8th week of my f2 garden... yes i planted the small seeds.
    i am calling my new batch 'minabag1'
    i have no males this time, they went away. the ratio was 60/40 male/female. the girls have different 'attitudes'. some are just starting to bloom while a couple are 3 weeks away from the cut. i went as far as to take clones from the bigest, fastest and healthiest. the clones took. i am looking foward to a constant harvest. bueno mexico!
    i am a fan of the bagseed !

    Billywonka Member

    Seeds from a five bag of schwag produced a skunky motherfuckin plant in this stage as it looks imagejpeg_2_9.jpg imagejpeg_2_7.jpg right now, it shud bud in about late september...pistils are visible on one of the r the pics

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