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Metal Halide and HPS vs T5 bulbs

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Jarhead, Feb 19, 2010.


    Jarhead Well-Known Member

    I just purchased a Sunleaves Pulsar Mini, 2 way system with both MH & HPS ability, and the bulbs. I've been using the 24" t-5 bulb system (floro) and didn't like the lack of penetration to the lower branches and leaves. Can anyone give me an idea of what to expect in terms of growth speed and yield differences? I'm not going to hold you to exact facts, I just would like to know if the extra couple hundred bucks will pay off sooner rather than later......Grow on brothers and sisters in hemptitude:peace:bongsmilie:bigjoint::blsmoke::weed:mmmmmmm, Ganja good!

    Jarhead Well-Known Member

    Just a little bumpity bump. ANY input?

    smoke2stayhigh Member

    Hey, i'm not sure if you're still checking this for answers but just in case here you go. The investment is worth it. I just grew for the first time with seeds gotten online, nice soil, standard nutrients, 2 months in veg, and also did LST as a grow method (bending the plant over to turn lateral growth into colas). Off of one plant i produced maybe a quarter oz dry, that was using cfls. My projected yield if i had used HPS and MH was 4 ounces. What you should do is use MH for vegetative, and use HPS for flowering, you might not see a huge difference between the two in veg but in flowering you will see a big difference. Especially in the density of the buds. Hope this helps!

    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    What is the wattage of your newer bulbs?
    cajun rose circle

    cajun rose circle Active Member

    If you don't mind, what company did you get your seeds from? Did they ship to the usa? I only ask because my first try was under crappy fluorescents and cfls from home depot. Off of 5 plants and novice fertilization and SHWAGGITY MEXI SEEDS I got just over 2 oz. . Now my friend is running 2 4'-4 bulb t5 s and the SHMAGS and it's going sweet but we were afraid to order seeds. due to possibly being 'red flagged' or ripped off.
    cajun rose circle

    cajun rose circle Active Member

    Hi, I aked a question about your seeds. I messed up and clicked the wrong thing. the ? is a post or two down.

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