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    smokerja Member

    I have a clean metal barrel that was used for compost at one time and has a motor on it to turn when needed. it has a untreated 2x4 inside acting as a baffle. will this be ok to mix super soil in? I don't want to get some kind of reaction and ruin my soil or cause problems later on down the road. Thanks

    RetiredMatthebrute Well-Known Member

    if its clean there should be no reason why you cant. i wouldnt let the soil sit in it afterwards though. even though it probabally wont cause any problems better safe than sorry.

    Im assuming you are talking about a 55gal oil barrel/drum right?

    alternativly you can just go get a plastic 55 gal drum and move the motor and 2x4 over to the other barrel.

    SupraSPL Well-Known Member

    Mixing in there should be no problem. But if it were me I would not cook it in there. If I am not mistaken acid does have a way of leaching metal.

    smokerja Member

    thanks...that's what I was thinking the acid might eat into the barrel

    BeaverHuntr Well-Known Member

    Unless its stainless steel I wouldnt cook soil in it.
    POH Organics

    POH Organics Member

    All metals are harmful to microbial life, especially copper. I personally cook my soil in large, sturdy plastic totes. Be sure to drill some holes for proper air flow and be prepared to water weekly to maintain a good moisture level for your microbeasts :eyesmoke:. Watering with EM-1 mother culture or activated EM-1 will help to speed things up a metric fuck ton :)

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