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Memory loss due to marijuana use

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by fb360, Jan 31, 2013.


    fb360 Active Member

    As big of an advocate I am for marijuana being a safe substance, I can say with unwavering confidence that my memory has been effected through my use of pot.

    For me, it is most noticeable in my ability to quickly pull words from my vocabulary when speaking, as well as sometimes when I'm writing. It's not that I cannot formulate a continuous coherent statement, rather that if I'm looking for a particular word or phrase, I sometimes hit a brickwall and can't quickly think of it. During those times I fall back to a more basic, layman version of what I wanted to say, however that pisses me off to no end. I do not have any problem when reading at a high level, so it is a pet peeve that I do have a problem when conversing at a high level.

    Have any of you experienced anything similar?

    PeyoteReligion Well-Known Member

    Yeah, side affects are a bitch.

    0regonKush Active Member

    That's why you have to lube it up really well first. Wait... where am I? Nevermind. :)

    fb360 Active Member

    Yeah. Lately I've been rethinking my use, as if I lose my mind, I have nothing.

    Lol, it's not that bad.

    echelon1k1 New Member

    Yeah I'm finding something that took me 5mins to do a couple of years ago is taking me 10mins now... I spend alot of time programming lighting cues/controls into moving light consoles and sometimes, mid keystroke I just go blank... Even though I performed the exact same task millions of times...

    There's that and I seem to loose lighters alot...

    fb360 Active Member

    This type of news is what I was hoping not to hear; that sucks man, I know what you're saying.

    I was hoping it was more of a parallel of me not being able to focus and some memory loss, than just pure memory loss as these comments are beginning to suggest.
    I also experience similar events when I'm doing math or programming as well. I can be in the middle of a short task I have just begun, and forget completely what I am attempting to accomplish. My memory use to be impeccable, which is why the adverse effects are so prevalent.

    HolySmoke420 Member

    Same thing with me man. I can be mid conversation and just go blank on what I was saying or just forget a word that I was going to use. I've always have a very broad vocabulary so it really gets on my nerves.

    echelon1k1 New Member

    I know exactly where you're coming from... The worst thing about it is I get really annoyed and usually have to get up and leave the desk for a couple of mins just to get refreshed... I'm lucky I'm not doing too much of that anymore (lighting design) as I've lost the passion. The effects can be rather prevalent, but the plus is we can recognise this in ourselves and try (i say try coz I love my billy) to ease up on the gear.

    Does anyone know if there are strains that would affect one's memory more than another? (apologies if that sounds retarded)

    PeyoteReligion Well-Known Member

    You guys should check out luminosity .com It is a good place to play legit brain training games. Keeps the gears cranking so to speak.

    ClaytonBigsby Well-Known Member

    It's embarrassing. I am usually very articulate, but after using, I cannot remember words that I should know.

    PeyoteReligion Well-Known Member

    Frankly I remember convincing myself I liked the fact that herb dumbs me down. It helps me be more socially acceptable. Before I would be irritated at the shortcoming and lack of what seemed to be common sense knowledge of those around me. I would be condescending and scoff when people said dumb shit. I would get pissed at the fact that I felt like I was constantly surrounded by morons.

    Smoking more helps bring me down to a level where I can not be a dick to people because I'm less judgemental of others when I'm stoned.

    PeyoteReligion Well-Known Member

    But it's straight up science. The side effects are pretty fucking weak.

    • Neurons are the cells that process information in the brain. Chemicals called neurotransmitters allow neurons to communicate with each other.
    • Neurotransmitters fill the gap, or synapse, between two neurons and bind to protein receptors, which enable various functions and allow the brain and body to be turned on and off.
    • Some neurons have thousands of receptors that are specific to particular neurotransmitters.
    • Foreign chemicals, like THC, can mimic or block actions of neurotransmitters and interfere with normal functions.
    In your brain, there are groups of cannabinoid receptors concentrated in several different places. These cannabinoid receptors have an effect on several mental and physical activities, including:

    • Short-term memory
    • Coordination
    • Learning
    • Problem solving

    robert030188 Well-Known Member

    I've never had a big problem with memory loss...but then again i do lots of brain training and constant thinking, insomnia. Unless im retarded ass high which is why i call it that cuz you feel like a retard...just know if you want to be social and not sound like an idiot at some point, smoke less before social gatherings

    nameno Well-Known Member

    • There's that and I seem to loose lighters alot...
      Buy a lighter leash. I am forgetful after smoking over 40yrs but I thought it was the age.The Dr told me the problem with people that been smoking 40 yrs is man boobs that's all. I don't have them...yet. Well not real big anyway.​


    fb360 Active Member

    I'm an EE and an ME as well as I'm currently refreshing my calculus on mit.ocw.edu when I'm not posting or reading this thread. (I was doing it before I posted this thread as well; it's actually what sparked the thought)

    I also look up EVERY word which I read that I don't fully comprehend. Fo serious, I try my best to always maintain my net knowledge gain positive, but in the instance I described OP, I just cannot keep up...

    I haven't lost a step in my learning/discovering or problem solving, thank goodness

    e; Side Q
    Which is better?:
    1). I also look up EVERY word that I read which I don't fully comprehend.

    2). I also look up EVERY word which I read that I don't fully comprehend.
    Total Head

    Total Head Well-Known Member

    yes, weed jacks with your memory when you smoke a lot over a long period of time, but it's not at all permanent. when the weed goes away, so do the memory problems.

    if you feel like it's becoming a problem, my suggestion is to stop for a while. don't smoke at all. then, when your break is over, try to smoke less.

    in my experience the memory problems usually correlate to tolerance. my memory only seems to go to shit when my tolerance is in the toilet. i just take it that i smoke too much weed. it kills my tolerance, so i smoke way more than i should need to, and poof goes my memory. whenever i take a break, my memory is just fine. when i'm smoking an 8th a day, i often struggle to find simple words like table or book. i'm not kidding. this completely goes away when i take a break. i'm on day 25 of a break and the brain farts are nonexistent. it doesn't have the same effect to just cut back. it works much better to start with a clean slate.

    tl;dr smoke less pot.

    PeyoteReligion Well-Known Member

    1.) Seems better. "...word which I read" just isn't sounding as correct as "...word that I read". But I am stoned as fuck and four IPAs deep.

    fb360 Active Member

    Yeah I'm gone too. My brain is done atm from studying for literally about 15 hours straight with maybe 2x 1hour breaks. (~4am here)

    I had #1 then switched to #2 but w/e.

    Good to hear. I will probably take your advice and have a little break.
    Granny weed

    Granny weed Well-Known Member

    If you think smoking weed effects your memory try having chemo, my god I thought I had dementia,and still do I can't remember jack shit it's so scary sometimes and I cry with frustration I can't hold a proper conversation because I can't remember the words I need to use. :sad:
    Canna Connoiseur

    Canna Connoiseur Active Member

    I find myself sometimes being in the middle of a statement, then, completely lose my train of thought. It is fucked up when I have to ask the person I am talking to what I was just saying.

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