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Megacloner woes

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by Nelstoned, Feb 8, 2013.


    Nelstoned Member

    We have a styrofoam power cloner we made but our clones just won't survive!
    How crucial is it to have the foggers goings at all times? At first we had it on a 3min on/5 min off cycle to sub par results

    Moebius Well-Known Member

    24/7 or forget it. ... thats w/aero

    is yours 'fog'?

    superstoner1 Well-Known Member

    I run 80 seconds on, 8 minutes off on cloner, vegger, and flower units with never a problem. The roots need time to breathe. I would wonder about off gassing from the styrofoam.

    ilikecheetoes Well-Known Member

    i run 30 seconds on 11 min off in my cloner. Water temp at 76. A teaspoon of great white to keep the rot away.

    Nelstoned Member

    Not a dry fog. But fogger nozzles on a high pressure pump.

    Evo8Emperor Well-Known Member

    lp aero im guessing like most of us. i run mine 24/7 no problems

    igothydrotoneverywhere Well-Known Member

    DUDE, do your self a flavor and sell that aeroponic cloner while there are still suckers to buy it.

    aeroponic cloners are not worth the time, maintenence and effort WHATSOEVER. if it is absolutely perfect you can root your clones about 2-3 days sooner than me and all i do is the old fashioned humidome setup. i take plain coco and get it wet with phed water stuff it in a peatpot and then make a hole for the cutting, dip it in rootech(more potent) or clonex gel, mash the coco around it and in 2 weeks we have a 95% success rate. no timers, no pumps, to neoprene collars(that dont stand up to bleach), no high res temps, no cleaning giant resevoirs and thousands of neoprene collars. simple as that.

    the one place you can go wrong is not making your coco wet enough for the 2 week span, the tops of your humidomes should look like its raining, all the time. almost 100% humidity. also we spray with sm90(sulfur spray) once the tray is full before we put on the dome, this keeps the possibility of mold out of the equation. after that we dont touch them for 2 weeks. under a t5 naturally, 24/7 light

    the coco peats are easily transplantable into any medium even an aeroponic system, one of the biggest problems i found with rooted clones in air is that the roots have no substrate to grow in, so when you plant an aero clone it just falls over and when you plant it is impossible to keep from matting the roots on top of themselves where the root finally rests in a substrate.

    we had 3 - 120 site cloners and my last job, and 3 at this one, i have retired them completely, they are NOT worth it

    im not sure, but my feeling is that aeroponic cloners took off because of a young generations affinity for rubegoldbergs and computers. or maybe they are growing and blooming in aeroponic systems, and if you love those things, well im not sure i can help you. too many moving parts.

    it is amazing how many gardeners forget the number one method for everything : K.I.S.S.

    superstoner1 Well-Known Member

    How much more simple can it get than an aero cloner? Cut, stick, check two weeks later. Done. No domes, no watering. No worrying about Ph, just no worries. Plus no media needed, then you could change your name to igotnomorehydroton

    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    Couldnt of said it better

    Evo8Emperor Well-Known Member

    Funny that I just read that. Because I have a buddy who ditched his cloner for rapid rooter's. We live in RI so once winter comes the humidity drops and he would always have a problem. He say's his clones root in 4-5 days with RR and a dome.

    I still use my diy cloner like SS. I think because I always keep mine is a smaller cab and the light keeps it heated so I've never had a problem. Thinking of making a dome to raise the humidity though and see if it helps them root a bit faster.

    Sir.Ganga New Member

    I use three techniques for cloning, ez-cloner as my main, mini dwc set up(bubble cloner), and rockwool cubes. There quite a few strains that really do not like one method or another. I have one strain that refuses to produce roots in a cloner but in cubes will pop in 7 days.

    Being flexable and willing to try different ideas will only better your results

    igothydrotoneverywhere Well-Known Member

    humidomes are alot more simple than that, way to embelish, there are no moving parts or changes in ph. no pumps to fail, etc

    they are not worth the work, (TO ALL THE PROFESSIONAL GROWERS doing mad volume), to all you home growers doing some weed on the side, do whatever you want, noone cares, your methods mean nothing to an idustrialized nation all about the bottom line.

    bottom line, they are not worth the investment, labor and time
    just speaking from experience. thanks

    superstoner1 Well-Known Member

    Go to a soil thread and preach that method, those who actually know and grow hydro are already laughing at you.

    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    Living in the dark ages of cloning is fine with me, but dont come in here and jam that shit down everybodys throat!
    you said your peace now move along!

    waterdawg Well-Known Member


    CountyBoy Member

    I used 40mm Rockwool cubes to germinate my seeds but found it inconvenient having to baby sit them. I also didn't like how it took 40mm away from the height of my pots when I transferred them to the flood table. Or how I had to top water them until the roots reached the flood level. I built a bubble cloner using this as my inspiration, here. It cost me about $60 to make. I set my cloner on the heatmat and it keeps my water at 22 C. The clones look great at going on week but they still don't have roots. How fast are your clone rooting in hydro cloners?

    LogicTime Active Member

    I got a PZ cloner it's been 5 days days and I have roots starting to grow.

    It's an aeroponics cloner, 80 sites, 360 mister on 24/7 got some stress solution (Super B+ 0-2-1) and threw in a teaspoon of rooting gel (Clonex) got tons of root sites coming out and it's my first clone.

    Good luck!

    (Also lights are CFL 16 on 8 off)

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Amazing. I use a glass of tap water. Taped up to keep it dark. Change the water at least every other day (daily is best) to keep aerated. About the same success rate as you. Just like Granny used to do with her Swedish Ivy. Takes 10 days - 2 weeks and we get roots. No Clonex, no coco. KISS!

    waterdawg Well-Known Member

    I saw plans for a cloner that use like 1/2 id (maybe bigger) tubing and the clones hung in them and not disks. I can't seem to find it again, if anyone has one I would like to know if it works well. Thanks all. Oh and great ideal using noodle ;).

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