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Medical Marijuana for Dogs

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by cpullano219, Aug 18, 2016.


    Akita2 Member

    I would check your strain and see what it's stone is like,I used a few different strains that we're good for pain and a relaxant. tbh I didn't go too much into ratio I just mixed my left over weed and infused it with coconut oil for all the inflammation and infections etc
    I hope this helps it definitely did for us!
    Sorry to hear.

    mauricem00 Well-Known Member

    seems like a 1:1 ratio of CBD/THC works best for people. don't know of any studies on dogs
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    masuro Member

    Medical Mass I have is very relaxant. The ratio is 1:1. Smoking it I was never fucked up like from shark shock.
    However still want to start with commercial CBD oil. Then add my weed and infuse it with extra virgin olive oil. I fould the book Robert Silver about medical marihuana for dog, reading it thru. Will see, dog is now in good condition after recieved medicaments from vet. So fortunately we are not in situation that it is down and not eating. There is time window for miracle

    MynamewouldbeJosh420 Active Member

    My friends dog eats nugs and roaches instead of dog treats. The little bastard ate 3 oz out of a lb of harvest once, he loves the stuff. We love him tho. He gets pissed if you don't give him the roach after you put it out.....If you blow smoke in a dogs ear it goes straight to their blood stream.

    DG1959 Well-Known Member

    I have my best friend on CBD oil....only thing that I have found that slows her cancer down.

    masuro Member

    Small update. Dog is 14 months on olive oil wih decent potency. It is mixture of cbd and thc strains. Dog is taking it daily with food. Intrestning thing is it works and small friend is full of energy. Begging 20 hours daily for food. If not, it sleeps. Prognosis was 3-4 months... dog is in very good condition.
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    masuro Member

    What was important at the begging was dosing. Now she is taking quite strong doses , but we increased it very slowly. No chance to hurt her.
    Colo MMJ

    Colo MMJ Well-Known Member

    Something I noticed is hemp seed oil is supposedly good for older arthritic dogs. Nutiva 24 oz.
    Please note I am not pimping Amazon because I really do not like them or Bezos. I try to get info out of the reviews but as we know with Burple LEDs on Amazon that the info is often crap.

    I do kind of like Piping Rocks especially for essential oils

    Supposedly Hemp Seed oil is also good for skin and scalp issues too. I think it supposedly have the same elements as the 3-6-9 omega oils. You can also get them from fish oils and in grains flax seed oil.

    I personally would like to grow hemp but you need a huge scale with many many acres and buyers to make money.

    PKHydro Well-Known Member

    My dog snapped a toe nail while we were playing ball one day. It was badly broken, bleeding and extremely painful for her.

    We took her to the vet, they sedated her, cut the broken section off, cauterized the quick and bandaged her up. She was given a 24hr pain killer and they said she'd be fine.

    She basically slept all day once we got her home, but she woke up (~12hrs later) in the middle of the night absolutely frantic. She was crying, hopping in circles, shaking(shivering), and holding her leg out at a weird angle. After about a half hour of trying to calm her down, with no effect whatsoever, I took a tiny bit of my RSO and rubbed it on her gums. She went from frantic, to curled up and sleeping in about 10 mins. We had to do the same thing again the next morning, but after that she was fine.

    Cannabis works, but be very careful not to over do it. She ate a chunk of hash I dropped once and was completely fucked, couldn't move aside from lifting her head and wobbling it around for a few seconds. I carried her outside and we layed in the grass for a few hours untill she started coming around. It was scary though.
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    masuro Member

    Yes, dosing is crucial. I have small girl of 4 kilos. She is 1/20 of my weight and getting 1,5 ml of quite strong stuff. Imagine I would take 30 ml of stuff. Could be quite trippy. So getting to 1,5 ml took really months. Have intention to help, not to hurt. For me it is miracle she is still with us.
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