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Medical Marijuana Card Rules?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Blazed and Confused, Feb 18, 2008.

    Blazed and Confused

    Blazed and Confused Active Member


    I recently got a medical marijuana card in california and i was wondering if anyone knows all the rules that are attached to it. like... how many plants can i grow with my card? i heard something like 12 immature and 6 mature or something like that..., can i smoke in my car if i dont drive? where can i smoke in my car? can i smoke on a public street if the windows are rolled up? how much can i carry on me? is there a website with all the rules anyone has found i can have.


    anywhere311 Well-Known Member

    yo id love to be u right now... wit a cali medi card

    urinmyrice Well-Known Member

    no shit haha but for real what are the rules with it?


    human8 Well-Known Member

    How did you get a card without the doc explaining to you the rules? They went over and over it with me. 12 immature OR (see how the or is capitalized? that's because people always say...I thought it said AND....) 6 flowering plants. Indoors only in So Cal. But counties have variances in the rules look up your counties policy. You can NOT smoke in your car, parked or otherwise. And you can carry 8 oz. to your house in your TRUNK. No open baggies in the console. Basically its like any prescription. If you get a scrip for valium, it doesn't make it legal to snort a pill off your steering wheel on the freeway. Just like normal prescription that has the sticker that says "Do Not Operate A Moving Vehicle" You can google AMA or join weedtracker, they have all the info for the memory challenged. Hope it helps with your illness. Good luck! I was bummed when I found out the rules i had just installed an 8 foot hookah into my steering wheel, ah well. It LOOKS cool.

    kosmindtrip Active Member

    6 mature plants 24 total i think..dont quote me

    edux10 Well-Known Member

    Lets see the minimum amount of plants you can grow is 12 immature/6 mature but some counties established highter (some way higher) guidelines in sb420. You CANNOT smoke and drive. You can get a DUI. Don't let others smoke whlie you are driving. Cop can be a dick and give u a DUI still. You can supposedly smoke anywhere you can smoke tabacco cigs. Not by schools. Public parks ok. Google SB 420 and Prop 215 for all the rules and shit..

    edux10 Well-Known Member


    edux10 Well-Known Member


    crazedtimmy Well-Known Member

    that would be DA SHIT for real
    Blazed and Confused

    Blazed and Confused Active Member

    thanks guys, havin a card in cali in the bay is the shit

    fdd2blk POW

    i have a renewal appointment today. i almost forgot.

    DWR Well-Known Member

    no shit man

    I Want a card aswell :(

    Ranken Well-Known Member

    you would think that the people who gave you the card would have given you a epic novel worth of paper work to fill out the rules you have to follow would have been included. if not you should go and ask them they would be the ones to ask.bongsmilie

    fdd2blk POW

    i'm done. good for another 12 months. and all i had to do was break my back. :)
    Blazed and Confused

    Blazed and Confused Active Member

    haha nice, i love my card
    mr j2

    mr j2 Well-Known Member

    how easy is it for someone to get a card? Im not from cali but I'm just curious. And if this is too personal i apologize but I'm just wondering, why did you get a card?

    fdd2blk POW

    oh yeah, real nice. been having spasms all day. i've been kinda bitchy lately. it hurts pretty bad. but hey, i get to smoke pot.:-|:peace:

    stonegrove Well-Known Member

    need to get med cards over here in the U.K. then i would have to scam one ......

    1freezy Well-Known Member

    I am moving to California soon and was wondering where I can find what Counties let you grow larger amounts!

    Lacy New Member

    You lucky dude:|

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