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Medical marijuana and cruise ships?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by redeyedbandit, Jun 16, 2008.


    redeyedbandit Active Member

    I am going to be going on a cruise from san diego to ensanada and I was wondering if my medical reccomendation will allow me to bring my marijuana on the ship? The cruise only makes one stop in Mexico and I wasn't planning on taking it off the boat at all I just wanted to know if I can take it with me on the boat? Anybody know for sure???

    AlphaNoN Well-Known Member

    No, port authorities are federal, they won't recognize your med card as legal.

    redeyedbandit Active Member

    That sucks.

    herbologist New Member

    I for one always bring my own with us.We own a hotel in Cozumel and also travel extensively throughout Mexico.I usually put it in my checked baggage with a copy of my recommendation.LORD knows the shit they will try to sell you.
    Helpful Hint:The locals call it Cafe.Not all the other bullshit names.

    420inmyapt Well-Known Member

    I have got my marijuana on a boat before, and it was a cruise from San Diego (Spanish for wales vagina). Just do your normal stashing routine as if you were taking a plane trip.... they do not have an intensive nor intrusive search policy (well the cruise line i took didn't), I hide a quarter in my pants.... well not that simple but i think you get the picture.... it was inside a oven-bag taped to the inside of my leg... quite simple really.

    One side note, WEED on a cruise ship is totally worth it... sitting on the balcony smoking a J looking off into the open sea.... it can't get much more peaceful....

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