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Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by knnthc93, Aug 20, 2012.


    knnthc93 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone used green planet medi-one? Sounds like an advance nutrient type of product

    flawlesscrew Well-Known Member

    I have you can check out my pics of my outdoor grow and it was done with medi one you cannot use it on its own because your buds will become long and stretchy. I use MASSIVE & FINISHER. I also use it in my indoor grow as well. I can tell you that you will notice a difference in quality and a small decrease in quantity. However the easy to use factor makes it good for new growers, thats why I started to use it. Make sure you by lots of PH UP you will need it. The smell takes time to get use too. I recommend this product

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