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Medi 1 test grows

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by Medi 1, Jul 19, 2010.

    Medi 1

    Medi 1 Well-Known Member

    IMG_5131.jpg IMG_5134.jpg IMG_5136.jpg IMG_5130.jpg IMG_5129.jpg IMG_5132.jpg well day 40 of 12/12 here in the messed up room.
    Medi 1

    Medi 1 Well-Known Member

    ok well its about day 50`ish here now. been way bussy to be doing regular updates, and cause its looking kinda sad. so this weekend its all coming down, ready or not. the Tora looks close but not the rest. ill be also doing my full room rebuild this weekend. im picking up the rest of the new toys tomorrow. them its on...this whole room is being ripped out and scrubbed top to bottom. bleached to shite. will take apart all fans and so on to clean properly. then its time to toss up a new veg tent, and new venting and full set up. they where out of the Quantum ballast i want to match the others so ill be waiting for those will but will set it up as though i have them so i dont need to disturb them again.
    ill do pics and vid for this full rebuild, im still designing it so im realy not expecting to get all of it done. going to be lots of work for me.

    ill fetch fresh shots before the plants come down, when lights on later

    Goodweed Active Member

    Medione + Massive from Green Planet is the SAME that Iguana Juices + Nirvana from Advanced Nutrients.

    All these stuff are recomended by Dr. Paul Hornby.

    leyley22 Active Member

    Yah but 1/4 of the price!!! I am sorry but the way that advanced is going I would MUCH rather use Green Planets nutrients. All the growers i know around here (as i live in the same area as advanced) are switching to other local nutrient companies such as Green Planet because of all the shit that advanced is getting themselves into!

    lbezphil2005 Well-Known Member

    OMG what a bunch of crap. another advertisement for a product that doesn't work without the rest of the line. freaking hell!

    ausgro New Member

    how ya going medi 1 ..
    im just going into flowering and had stumbled apon medi one 4-3-3, which my local hydroponics employee kindly gave me it for free to try out and give him some feedback, was just wondering on your feeding schedules, this has to be one of the best journals on roll it up and i was seeking your advice, currents have a 400w hps and 2x 130w cfl, 1x 150w cfl, alternationg fan, temp during the day is around 75-80 degrees and at night 65-75 degrees, 4 plants.
    would greatly apreciate feedback
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