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    Got these beans at the Victoria Seed Bank for only $30, only started 2 both were female
    Vegged 50 days 3 40w CFL, 1 25w t5, 2 40w t8
    Flowered 70 days under 1 250w hps
    Nutrients used: Island Blend
    Breeders Description:
    Painkiller = langley biker kush x og kush

    60-70 days. real unique smell and taste. a bit shorter and less stretch then og kush.
    the keeper should have a dank/hashitrus/kushy skunk smell to match the taste and be over-whealmingly potent, especially in the pain killing department, mm

    2 different phenos at 50 days veg
    short pheno
    Picture 4 002.jpg Picture 010.jpg
    Tall pheno
    Picture 4 008.jpg

    Shorter pheno at 6 weeks flower

    Picture 003.jpg Picture 002.jpg

    Taller pheno at 6 weeks flower
    Picture 3 020.jpg Picture 009.jpg Picture 006.jpg

    10 weeks flower both pheos
    Picture 5 013.jpg Picture 5 012.jpg

    Bud shots of taller pheno at 9.5 weeks
    Picture 5 001.jpg Picture 5 006.jpg Picture 5 010.jpg Picture 5 002.jpg
    The shorter pheno yeilded 105 grams and the other taller pheno yielded 112 grams.
    The 2 plants together yielded 217 under 1 250w, so the yeild for this strain is pretty high.
    The taller pheno looks slightly more potent, really OG like, with strong lemon-lime smell,
    overall both plants were very easy to grow.The taller pheno required support after a few weeks.
    I was really impressed with the quality for only 30 bucks for 10 beans. Med Man Brand has some killer gear,
    im running his Specail Kush(NL#5\Purple Kush\OG kush) next that i got for a freebie.

    Dry Pics 70 days flowered
    Picture 7 036.jpg Picture 7 050.jpg Picture 7 048.jpg Picture 7 039.jpg Picture 7 009.jpg Picture 7 015.jpg

    Smoke Report coming soon.

    greenman116 Active Member

    Pics of the Vac purged bho (from the shorter pheno)
    Picture 8 005.jpg Picture 8 006.jpg Picture 8 010.jpg
    After 24 hours drying out
    Picture 8 015.jpg Picture 8 017.jpg

    greenman116 Active Member

    PainKiller - Med Man Brand
    More pics of the Vac purged bho (shorter pheno)

    Picture 9 013.jpg Picture 9 010.jpg

    greenman116 Active Member

    I forgot to mention both plants above were severely damaged and almost died during veg due to an extreme overdose of neem oil.
    The cuttings I took off each plant tested above look a lot more frosty and potent at 5.5 weeks flower. They seem to be maturing a lot faster
    than the tested mothers that got damaged. I will post some pictures of the cuts when finished + a updated smoke report.

    Maravillosa Member

    Where's that update at man? I'm considering med-man's PPK too. Got the headband & special kush as a gift.

    greenman116 Active Member

    Still gonna be awhile, they have 2 more weeks to finish, then another 2-3 weeks to dry and get a decent cure.
    The PPK (Purple PainKiller) is a different med man strain, (Og kush x purple afgani)x Og kush.
    They're looking really potent at 8 weeks, you won't be disappointed if you run med mans gear.
    I got the specail kush in veg, they look really strong and healthy, the leaves are about 2 1\2 inches thick after only about 2 -3 weeks into veg. They have a really nice tangy purple kush smell already in veg.
    I'm running Med Man's Lady Bug Bubba Kush too. I'll post pics and report for the Secail Kush and Lady Bug Bubba Kush when they finish this summer.

    Maravillosa Member

    Med-Man is generous. I'm anxious to hear how the PPK helps to control pain. I read that he had some meds that tested 28%thc-8%cbd. My mom needs the PPK to help control her pain, she has cancer that has spread to her bones.

    I didn't realize the quality that comes out of BC. Canada has some great breeders & their quality rivals anything the UK guys have.

    greenman116 Active Member

    Here are some pictures of the Indica pheno of the painkiller after 70 days flowering.
    They are a different pheno than most of the pics above which are the sativa lemon pheno I found.

    pictures 8 001.jpg pictures 8 002.jpg pictures 8 012.jpg

    greenman116 Active Member

    I would try to get your mom to try smoking some Vac purged BHO since its much more potent and kills pain far better than joints, or other smoking methods. You could always put it in capsules too if she didn't like smoking it.

    Maravillosa Member

    I'm amazed by the superior quality & low prices of Canadian genetics. It appears a few old school Canadian growers were able to keep their landrace breeding stock away from the Dutch thieves by hoarding & keeping it among themselves for many decades. Some of the gear appears to be heavily influenced from hash strains grown in different regions of the Himalayas than the Dutch have accessed. The strains sold by European seed banks appear to have different Afghani & Pakistani genetics than say, med-man's gear. There's a med-man video with some silver kush that has monstrous 12 bladed Indica leaves that are unlike the European Skunks. His strains are a fresh departure from most of the Dutch gear. Green House seeds exploit the hard work of impoverished & ignorant growers. They hoard & water down those fine inbred landrace strains in the which they seem so proud of stealing from the poor, that they even make documentaries about it. While Green House Seeds continues to make millions of $ hoarding & watering stolen genetics, & as their deep freezer continues to be filled with more & more unused strains, some of the finest Canadian breeders are releasing fresh world class material, free to many. Growers everywhere should have at least one of med-man's strains, among other fine Canadian gear in their stables. I don't wish to ever order Dutch grown seed from a UK bank.

    Warriorbuds Active Member

    What do you think med mans are......good genietics....but by no means his....he has aquired mother plants that were all other peoples mothers before his! Dont expect the PPK to turn purple....or any of Me Mans strains fro that matter......even your pain liller has a purple afgani dad I believe? No purple.....never seen anyone else ever grow any puprle from med man,.....ever! :) Great beans....but just someone else's shit he has developed! :)

    I would recommend the West Coast Sour Diesel or Med Man's Headband if you are going to grow anything from Med man or MGM genetics, or Kind Canna club! :)

    Good luck!

    Maravillosa Member

    I once held a very similar view of people and genetics: I wrongly developed a bad attitude due to a certain wealthy breeder's complete lack of gratitude, generosity and his unethical approach to acquiring elite landrace cultivars. I woke up one day and realized that all men can have a great amount of dominion over plant life if they desire to do so, and because med-man was in the right place at the right time, and was fortunate enough to acquire elite genetic donors, only proves that time and chance can and does happen to us all. It's not chance that med-man is a rising star in the world of breeding, it's because he possesses the talent, elites, the gratitude, and thru his generosity and gentle disposition, he's created a cult of personality; and personality my friends is the rocket fuel of talent! The generosity and gratitude for all that the acquired, hoarded elites have given to him, has been displayed by all of the free seeds and grow info he's given away, and not only here, at TY alone, but at other sites too.

    One man can not be the god of all cannabis, nor can he have dominion over all of the realms of cannabis genetics, albeit many it seems are trying in vain to do so. The control freak, and greedy type of breeder will never be content with earning millions of dollars, or having fame, fortune and over 3000 strains in his freezer: he believes that narcissistic lie which creates the worst sociopaths in the world. It's shocking to know that it's possible for a man to lie to, and to deceive himself, even to the point of believing in a false, or altered state of reality, that he is some kind of god, even without possessing those quality attributes. Therefore, whether med-man's pain killer can or can not turn purple really isn't that relevant when you consider cancer victims that can not sleep at night because of the anguish brought on by horrific pain. Moreover, med-man's PPK will likely turn purple like other Indicas do, if it's grown, or flowered in a cold environment. Big brains, did you recognize the use of chiasmus? It flows naturally, & it's never intentional. Peace! :)

    Finchables Member

    Hi, I was just wondering what the smell is like in flowering for the Painkiller. Thanks heaps.

    Finchables Member

    I used to be the same in regards to breeders. After studying what they have to do to stabilise their strains it is quite obvious that it takes incredible dedication and I have alot of respect for all good breeders. I find it weird how many people comment on Purple strains not
    turning purple.

    Warriorbuds Active Member

    Med Man Purple Pain Killer....:) With 250W HPS on 12\2 From seed..:) Your PPK is not going to turn purple by putting it in the's all genetics!! Learn it...Live it! Its all getting that purple pheno...which is very elusive...:)

    Get a stable of clones.....and you can be a breeder too! :) He is not doing anything different than other breeders....and he is most certainly not re-inventing the wheel....his PPK is a Purple Afgani....His Headaband is an East Coast Sour Diesel x West Coast Sour Diesel....Silver Skunk is a Blue Cheese cut from way back....used to be called "Silver Pearl", or "Viper"...still think he's dealing with "elite"

    Good luck! By the way...I love Med Man genetics....but..... by no means do I think this is something new, he's doing with his cuts? :)

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    Finchables Member

    That's what I find weird, alot of people bitch up when they don't get a purple plant, the elusive purple pheno for sure. Out of two Auto Purple's I grew some time ago one was purple. The other was purple, just in name!
    That Purple PainKiller looks awesome, by the way, WOW!!!

    I know that it is easy to underestimate the work the breeders put in, I respect them because it is hard work and it takes a certain type of soul to be a breeder. I am not just referring to Med-Man, btw. I refer to Original Sensible, breeders
    from way back, DJ Short, the list goes on...........................................

    They work hard and I really believe it takes special dedication or everybody would doing it!

    Maravillosa Member

    Out of the four PPK bx1 beans I popped last year, one was female with 3" wide blades. The flowers were rock hard with lots of resin production, but there wasn't a lot of fragrance. I'm hoping to do the guerrilla thing outdoors this year, also hoping there's a purple pheno in the remaining seeds. My greatest hopes are for a CBD rich strain to help cure my mom's cancer, and to make lots of seed to share. I wanna make some PPK crosses too!

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