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matanuska thunder fuck

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by dursky, Aug 31, 2007.


    dursky Well-Known Member

    drgreenthumbs.com has these seeds for $240.00 this site has 4 stars.
    Anyone tried them??

    Ralphie Well-Known Member

    site doesnt work

    i wouldnt mind getting soem though

    one_hit_wonder Active Member

    In my oppintion thats kind of a rip off. It may be sick weed, but 240 bucks... it reminds me of stealing lol. I spent 50 bucks on my seeds from Joey weed, a cross between ak47 and northern lights. Who knows though, im not experienced, maybe the 240 is worth it.

    Ralphie Well-Known Member

    i dont think 240 is worth spending on seeds, not because of the quality.. but what if it doesnt pass customs or gets stolen in the mail.. unless ofcourse your guaranteed delivery.. your gonna be really pissed.. most ill spend on seeds is 80.. MAYBE 100

    jesus3 Well-Known Member


    grodrowithme Well-Known Member

    a friend of mine is growing matanuska thunder fuck he just told me tonight and my clones will be ready in 2 weeks he said he grew some last batch (i never knew cause i was to busy buying all the sharks breath and la confidental) so i didnt even know i never heard of it till to night but he ordered from dr greenthumb and said he paid like 250 for 10 not fem seeds so i was like no way was it worth it he said id pay 300 for em and this guy knows his shit and says it some of the baddest shit he ever toked so i cant wait till his is done and i get my clones dont think ill let this 1 die out any time soon

    grodrowithme Well-Known Member

    yes the site does work thats were my friend has ordered for 4 years and we just ordered some 3 days ago so yes drgreenthumb.com does work and they do ship us it taks bout 10 days

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    I feel the same, BUT this is such a good strain and a heavy yielder outdoors that I would make an exception in this one case.
    Silky Shagsalot

    Silky Shagsalot Well-Known Member

    i've been using dr. greenthumb, off and on for years. never had any problems, gotten every order. when you call the doc, you talk to the doc, i like that! some pricey strains, yes. but they're his to sell at whatever price he thinks he can get. if you don't like peoples prices, don't use them. seed boutique has some very nice strains at very reasonable prices.

    SimplyBaked Well-Known Member

    damn...i thought MTF was a clone only strain

    simpsonsampson420 Well-Known Member

    MTF is the same strain as alaskan thunderfuck...


    matanuska tundra and matanuska thunder are two seperate strains... so the tundra is not the same as the thunder, which is the same as the thunderfuck...

    reason i pointed that out is because im growing the M. Tundra from sagamartha (or something like that) i purchased from attitude seeds right now...

    i guess both strains are heavy yielder and good for people who want heavier meds... its supposed to be a favorite among mountain climbers and shit in alaska...

    i know that im not growing the exact thing.. buts its a cousin of.. with very similar stats..

    mkay420 Active Member

    if it is a clone only strain you would be getting seeds taht are F2 for 240 bucks and that would be a ripoff unless it really really is as dank as some people say. i have heard of it as one of the most crystallized strains but im not sure on the thc %. that would be good to know if anyone can find out! cbd % would be great too but its harder to find.

    lorenzo7873 Active Member

    thunderfuck does not exsist anymore...

    juanasmoke Member

    My ATF plant are yellow around the edges and have been from the start. All the other strains look healthy. The ATF is still growing but the leaves are twisty and evil looking. I would love to see some plants or if anyone has seen this before. These were clones purchased in Orange County. Maybe they "made a copy of a copy" too many times. HELP.. Want this strain to make it. :bigjoint:

    lorenzo7873 Active Member

    post a pic, i'll tell ya...

    Xeno420 Active Member

    You are right, it only came in clone form as there were never any seeds. All traces of MTF are now extinct to what we know.

    fureelz Active Member

    LIES! All lies! I know atf still exists. It is probably one of the most hoarded strains but I know it is around
    but someone needs to figure out if Matanuska tundra (MT) is the same as Matanuska Thunderfuck (MTF)...and why MTF would be confused with ATF?
    its kind of like island sweet skunk and sweet island skunk; there is a difference....

    RichED Well-Known Member

    the Doctor also has the best bubba kush around and that endless skys kicks big ass
    id have not tried all but id say all his gear would be kickin ass

    AKgreenvalley Member

    just posted more or less a report on mtf, hope it's helpful.. wanted to share what i knew.

    BigAlaska Member

    wrong. It was hoarded after major DEA shutdowns in the late 80's in AK after the Ravin law helped partially legalize "in a sense" possessing pot. The Hell's Angels surely still have the strain going up here in Alaska as do many old timers and their kin. It is still a strictly hoarded strain, but surely not extinct: there is a lot of wide open wilderness in Alaska for people to grow pot. I find most outsiders really can't grasp how much freedom is afforded a person in place like Alaska where there are so few people in such a HUGE place.

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