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Master Kush Harvest Time and grow pics!

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Out of Mind and Body, Oct 22, 2010.

    Out of Mind and Body

    Out of Mind and Body Active Member

    It's finally done, I killed her, I killed my stinky little girl, and you know what, I could not have been any happier! My first grow ever and I'm loving having all this bud! I have never seen or had this much for myself in my entire life! I must have done a pretty good job at growing her because these buds get you high as a kite in only a couple of hits! That's before the curing even, which they are doing right now under my house for the moment. It was a wonderful experience learning to grow and take care of these beautiful creatures and I just can't wait to get my hands on my next seed! So now I greet you with a couple of baby pics and a magical harvest photo for your enjoyment. Cheers! :clap:

    The tallest glass container is 13 inches tall and the buds are very wide and dense. :leaf:

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    someone else

    someone else Active Member

    I love how short and stocky she was before you chopped her. Really nice and thick buds on such a short plant.

    Great job and enjoy your harvest!

    bongsmilie :blsmoke: :eyesmoke: :bigjoint: :joint: :weed: :leaf:
    mushroom head

    mushroom head Well-Known Member

    Very nice man did she stay so small cause she was in a small pot?? Did you start her right at the beginning of summer? Thanks
    Out of Mind and Body

    Out of Mind and Body Active Member

    She was grown in a 12in clay Terracotta pot I got from wal-mart. I actually planted the seed in Mid-June in a small starter pot, put the seed right into the soil outside, didn't germinate it inside.

    RDGgreenthumb Well-Known Member

    lol is that Gandolf protecting your pot in picture 8? You shall not pass! Looks good dude

    Camtheman289 Active Member

    Very very nice grow man! Great yield and nice thick buds. Congrats!

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