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Master Kush 9 weeks flowering, Time for Harvest?

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by ganjaman87, Feb 25, 2010.


    ganjaman87 Well-Known Member

    Whats up I'm 9 weeks into flowering with my Master Kush plant and I was wondering if I should Harvest or let it go for another week? I've looked at different sites and they all say different harvest times for the MK so I'm not sure. By the way the trichs are cloudy with some amber....I'm not sure what half amber and half cloudy mean, am i supposed to inspect every bud on the the plant or just one bud to conclude if its 50/50? Also about 80% of the hairs have turned orange. Im sorry about the pics as I dont have a digi camera but I hope these are good enough for a rough estimate of when to harvest.

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    smokermore Well-Known Member

    i think they look about done. They look great btw.
    Some buds may be "more done" than others. If time is no concern, i would cut off all the top buds, or all that look done, and flower the rest for 2-3 more weeks.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    yah, if some of the trics are looking amber, i would chop those buds.. i know its a pain in the but to check each bud to see what the trics look like, but it is really the only way to know if they are done.. some plants the top nugs will finish sooner, and others, it will be the bottom nugs.. i always like the saying, when you think they ae doen, wait another week... after going all this time, no need to rush now..
    btw, they look really nice.. nice job m8... congrats...

    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    I'd say wait for a while still. your fan leaves are all fine, around the end of flowering your plant will cannabalize those leaves and put them into the buds which will swell up and gain most of the bud mass you want, yours havent done that yet.
    i need help I'm rookie

    i need help I'm rookie Active Member

    80% orange hairs you say i would cut if your not sure then cut some and let a couple go for a week longer if you want and compare.

    jjf1978 Well-Known Member

    Nice grow! I also think it looks "about done" :) From what you said about the trich's it sounds close if not there. I usually check on the topmost bud and then the lowest bud and a few random ones in the middle to gauge it.

    We could give you advice that sounds GREAT but is wrong because you're plant is totally different that what that one dude who gave the advice is growing....You'll figure it out when you harvest it a few different ways (if you continue to grow it). I harvested an Arjan's Haze #3 at 12 weeks and it had a more stoney effect. I have one growing now and im going to harvest it at 10 weeks, mostly cloudy / few amber trichs and see how it is. Either way looking at what you have, you can't mess it up :)


    beeker Well-Known Member

    Nice job, its twimmin time.

    bigwheel Well-Known Member

    I tried the old harvesting in 3rds deal on the last grow. Took about the top third at the mostly cloudy stage, waited a week and took the middle, one more week and took the bottom. That last batch o buds will slap the shit out of ya and make you want to go to bed and have happy thoughts. Plan on doing it that way from now one.


    Drr Well-Known Member

    agreed... they look like they just entered the harvest window.. if not another week.. then it's your choice.. just let it ripen.. the bud's will swell which they look pretty nice now..

    it has kush in it so you don;t want it going too long.. it will put you to sleep..
    REDI JEDI 420

    REDI JEDI 420 Active Member

    so how did it go

    jjf1978 Well-Known Member

    Yes, do tell :bigjoint:

    Allglad Well-Known Member

    I am at a point where a good amount of the time my scope desides when to harvest. Have you looked with one?

    nice plants BTW.

    ganjaman87 Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the delay but the MK is still drying, but I think It yielded roughly around 5-6 OZ and its looking great. I will take pics soon and post them when it finishes drying

    chainseeker Well-Known Member

    So how did the MK turn out?

    raw225 Active Member

    very nice buds

    sixstring2112 Well-Known Member

    I was with darkdestruction on this one, i would have let it go based on how green it look on the leaves. It will probably be some great smoke anyway but i would have waited for more amber, and weight.

    ganjaman87 Well-Known Member

    Sorry I never got around to posting the pics but It yielded around 6 OZ and it was pretty good....only thing was I didnt let it dry long enough and some buds got molded UGH!!! That was the first grow where I finally got temps and nutes down to a T so now that I have pretty good experience growing it I will have to focus on drying it better lol

    midnightoker Well-Known Member

    i'd give it about a week....

    Hogg Active Member

    lol at all the amber talk peeps on here really love CBN and fuzzy headed buzz...

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