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Marijuana Street Price Chart

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by hillbillyhigh, May 8, 2011.


    hillbillyhigh Member

    Down here in SNJ, obviously USD

    Mids/Regs/Schwag/Dirt/Brick Bangins/Dro/High grade
    G $5-10 20
    1/8 $30 $60
    1/4 $50 $100-120
    1/2 $80-100 $180-220
    Z $150-190 $300-500
    QP $575-650 (havent bough one in 3 yrs so I cant be accurate)

    Please feel free to add your local prices

    mystifiedbongs Well-Known Member

    NJ here, dont see mids anymore... thank god
    only headies
    4200-4500 lb

    akgrown Well-Known Member

    well up here in AK where I am at a 1/4 is 120. Crzy how expensive shit is out here. At the grocery store a gallon of milk is over 10 bux!

    mystifiedbongs Well-Known Member

    1/4 for 120$ is norm here too

    SerialKillaZ Member

    120$ a 1/4 here in MN.

    maps84 Well-Known Member

    120$ for 7 grams?

    mystifiedbongs Well-Known Member

    120 for 7 grams, sometimes 110, and i sell to my buddies for 100

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    shit 20 an eight of top shelf here in southern oregon 120 for zips. as long as you have friends here you never run dry

    mystifiedbongs Well-Known Member

    thats why i invested 2500 2 months ago and started growing..... i hate knowing how cheap it is on the other side of the states, even in CO, but it is what it is. now im going to be the top of my food chain and dont have to pay anyone but the electric company. and im doing it where the prices of weed "shock" people :-)
    best place for risk v.s. return imo

    prototypeone Active Member

    I thought you would be interested in the website, webehigh, it is basically what you are trying to do here, but with info from all around the world
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    Total Head

    Total Head Well-Known Member

    20 a gram is normal here for the good shit. once in a while they'll knock some off if you buy bigger bags. 120 a 1/4 is average, and the shit is almost never what i would consider top shelf. just ordinary kb. i swear if there's some ugly nug with no seeds it's touted as fire and people eat that shit up. even if you buy the whole oz it goes for 450-500 bucks. if enough people do that people start to think it's reasonable, then you start seeing actual top shelf for 25 for .8. fucking disgusting. whenever i share my shit from my "friend that grows" people are blown away, even if it's just so-so.

    grokillaz Active Member

    Its like 100 - 150 for a q. Ounces range from 300 - 550. Qp's. Range from 1300 - 1600. To think I used to smoke an eigth a day for quite a long time. Now with my vaporizer I puff half the amount with joints inbetween.

    jhopkins34 Active Member

    I was paying like $120 for a quarter last year this time, and around 200 for a half, now I mainly just get halves but $160 for them and $100 on quarters. It's because the price on a pound has changed from like $4200-4500 down to 3000 flat everytime

    see4 Well-Known Member

    Im about to offload 5 oz at $260/each to a friend. And I think I am being very fair. ( Organic Soil, indoor, AK-47 )
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    Kon501 Member

    Central North Carolina
    20g /
    Exotic strains are relatively common, but being the east coast the prices still suck in larger amts.
    BC shit is really common around here and people think it's still the dope shit and dealers think it's fair to charge 300+ an OZ. NOOOOPPPEEE.
    `SoA || Asi

    `SoA || Asi Well-Known Member

    yo fuk that

    some dealers need to think some of the prices are overboard
    there riping there buyers

    karma will allways get the lowlifes

    high|hgih Well-Known Member

    A quarter for 120 is about right get an O for 350 if you got someone thats decent probably 300 for better bud since those people know whas really up

    Mids shit I forget prices for those things.. Uhh 120 an O I think was the default price? I got them for 100 back awhile ago :D

    wragler Member

    Top shelf medsøstre from dispensery $200 oz. Mexican brick $ 150 qp. Denver.

    itcanhappen New Member

    there is a spot in LA where top shelf zips sell at $299.

    Dj1209 Well-Known Member

    These are my prices that I push, I don't do any lower than an ounce though.
    High Grade: .......... Kind Bud: .......... Mid Grade
    Ounce:$320 .......... $200 .......... $Cup of dirt
    QP:$1000 .......... $750 .......... $7 bits of string
    HP:$1800 .......... $1200 .......... $600
    P:$3000 .......... $2400 .......... $1000

    Notice:This post is ment for comedy purposes only, and I do not distribute or condone the distribution of any illegal substances.

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