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Marijuana Seeds

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by rollitup, Sep 19, 2006.


    greendiamond9 Well-Known Member


    D.C. Seed Exchange

    Great Lakes Genetics

    Green Point Seeds

    James Bean Co

    Lumberjack Seed Source

    Neptune Seed Bank
    Money order or Google wallet

    Oregon Elite Seeds

    Oregon Green Seeds

    Reliable Seed Bank

    Ript Genetics

    Seed Vault Of California
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    GroKing Seeds

    GroKing Seeds Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    We ship to the US and carry a decent selection of both fem and auto's at some pretty competitive prices. Check us out at grokingseeds.com - any questions just fire me a pm on here

    Javadog Well-Known Member

    This one gave me pause: I got a pack of Mr. Nice's Shit from Attitude just the other day and today I see that they are out.

    Oh, I hope that the stealth shipping works!!!!
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    BLC New Member

    I didn't read through the entire post to see if they are mentioned, but I have had 100% positive results with Original seed Company and Growers choice.
    Original seed store is in Spain, and you need to mail cash only. I gambled and it was great. I also like the being able to buy single seeds, so I can try lots of new strains.... please add a pinch of luck... my avatar pic is Tutankhamen, single seed purchase and wow! It's in a 1 gal pail and only two weeks old, if I'm remembering correctly. Point I was making is the plant itself! The lid in the pic is about eight inches across. The first leaves were gigantic! Really cool plant....
    For a quicker, and like 3-4 days every time, is growerschoiceseeds Top notch company and great variety. Credit card is run through a Canadian bank and shipped from California. I have had no problems with either of these.

    SAMMYB913 Well-Known Member

    Stop Now while u still can lmfao @luv2grow at what point do I realize I have a problem

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    SAMMYB913 Well-Known Member

    I ordered multiple orders from 11 different companies overseas & never had a problem w/ any of them not getting here
    The Attitude - Just Feminized - Freedom of Seeds - Pick N Mix (now out of business)
    Seed Supreme - MSNL - Discreet seeds (for breeders Packs) - The Choice - GYO seedbank (for breeders packs) - Bonza - Rhino (but watch half their stock is out & they will still send you an invoice for it & after they receive your cash then they'll ask you to pick another strain smh)
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    SAMMYB913 Well-Known Member

    the only company I would not buy from again is Rhino - after asking about 5 different strains as a substitute for the original one I ordered & every one was out of stock although listed as - In Stock , ended up paying over $100 & getting a pack I could get here in the USA for $70 smh
    Attitude the only thing is in the USA ,don't get your heart set on freebies , the freebies can make it worth it but I've ordered & received Dinafem replacing Reserva Privada, Serious seeds , etc. ,all the top dollar $15-$25 seeds for junk no one wants, happened twice, but you can get all the freebies if you order as soon as the sale starts , take a pic of your receipts for the money order & $17 registered letter you sent cash in to get the 15% discount which could cover the outrageous $21 shipping, others average charge is free over $100-$150 or $10-$15 tops, so you're spending $40 total on shipping & payment to get a free dollar store gift lmao , send an email to them w/ both pictures stating please hold my free seeds here's proof my payment is on the way, I sent my last order in following these steps & got all my freebies this time :0) Choice is a sister company to Attitude so I suggest doing the same for both companies so that you can get exactly what you want & paid for :0)
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    Palomar Active Member

    Attitude rocks... Single Seed Centre is back too. If you want specific genetics and a large selection, these both are great. Keep it green!

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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Attitude only changed my freebies when the original package was nabbed
    on its way into the country.

    I was not stoked....but they did seem to try to match strength/popularity, and it
    was clear at the time that those specific freebies had been kinda scarce. (forget
    the breeds...)

    BTW: The payment system at Attitude has gotten as good as any other online seller...
    ...I went back after getting The Shit (;0) and Barney beans and made a new order
    of two beans each of nine different DNA breeds.

    I just got my stealth package fine. With no problem.
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    SAMMYB913 Well-Known Member

    I pay usually $10-$15 shipping & use my MasterCard & get Breeders packs , the only time I would use Attitude or Choice is if I wanted seeds especially singles I couldn't find anywhere else but lately I buy American & get 2 day delivery $8-$10 for Bodhi or Stray Fox Gardenz w/ freebies & testers that will blow your mind & not found overseas. deals like buy 2 or more packs & get a free 7 pack w/ each pack ordered , I got so far not including the buy one get one free at GLG 420 promo or the regular buy 2 get 1 pack free deals everyone has, I'd personally rather have these freebies I got
    7pk Blueberry Chem
    7pk Purple Unicorn x Blueberry,
    7pk Starfighter F1 X Purple Kandahae (tester)
    6pk & 5pk (Ethiopian 75 x Laos) x Blueberry Temple
    10pk Herijuana x Good Medicine F2 testers
    10pk SWAZI X ARUBA testers,
    10pk -Headband (AKA DAYWRECKER DIESEL) x Long Bottom Leaf testers,
    10pk -Socal Master Kush (clone only) x Long Bottom Leaf testers,
    6pk -Medical Dragon - Atonic (Nine Fold) x 3 Headed Dragon (Bodhi) testers

    Javadog Well-Known Member

    What is your other sources then? Interested. :0)

    TheHero Member

    Hello. What is a big yielder and good quality strain available from Nirvana seeds?
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  13. I've been using Seed City for a while now, they are based in the UK. They have a massive selection, and pretty good prices. They are very good to deal with, and fast getting the seeds out.
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    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    The single seed company - I ordered over 10 times and got every order and do replace orders and seeds ..... I received 2 cracked seeds they reshipped my entire order !
    ( that may be a fluke - but I damn sure didn't complain )

    Huge selection and carry mephisto , rare dankness , reserva privada and a whole shitload of breeders .... They take cards - I always pay that way ... It never shows company and is listed with another business. Fast shipping 5-7 days most orders.
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    Chris17 New Member

    GTA seeds here in Canada is legit never had any issues. Original packaging

    Thai_Lights Well-Known Member

    Where is the best place I can get bodhi or csi Humboldt shipped to Canada pay with credit card?

    Javadog Well-Known Member

    I know that Attitude fits that bill

    420KushPharm Active Member


    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    Im in USA.

    Best USA Banks Ive dealt with are..

    DC Seed Exchange.. I like this guy.

    JamesBeanCompany... Equally nice guy.

    Both DC, and JB are seemingly nice people.

    Swami Organic Seeds... Has Original COOT/BOEL Genes.... Best deal Ive found for freebies. They have a minimum $100 "Donation", but you get a free pack of 15 seeds, and extras. Usually 3.

    Usually you get 18 seeds instead of 15, and a "Free Pack" of 15 of another variety. GAS, has been very good to me, and if I ask for a certain freebie, I usually get it, if available. He doesn't just send the cheapest stuff either. With the Freebies, and extras, it comes out to about $50 a pack, and NO LIGHT COLORED SEEDS.

    Swami Seeds/GAS has also quickly answered any, and all questions Ive asked. Though I believe if youre in a Non Legal State, he doesn't like to say much about specifics.

    MountainOrganics. Also have COOT/BOEL genetics. $75 donation here. No Freebies, but answered a couple questions I had in a timely manner.


    Have had a couple good dealings with them, and also good customer service.

    For out of the Country, Ive also had good experiences with Attitude, for a Loooooong Time.

    In Canada Ive had good success with Seed Depot. Also nice guys.

    Mullumbimby Well-Known Member

    Just say 'No" to buying more seeds lol.

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