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Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by HanzPal, Nov 19, 2011.


    HanzPal Member

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone has recently bought seeds from Marijuana-seeds.nl. They seem super legit but i don't want to get fucked over for my first time growing. If someone can give me their opinion on the site and then a personal opinion that would be awesome! :leaf::leaf::leaf:
    past times

    past times Well-Known Member

    Just ordered from them with no problems. took 2 weeks. I have used them before and liked their genetics also. so far 4 out of 4 have sprouted

    HanzPal Member

    Awesome man thanks for the reassurance! What seeds did you order?

    SirLancelot Active Member

    ordered ganja dwarf lowryders (autos) they didn't auto but their are more stable strains out today. They arrived in a few weeks. I prefer attitude now though. 10days max and good packaging.

    hazorazo New Member

    I got Ice seeds from them, Mazar X Afghan (crappy freebie), Blueberry Widow, and Big Bud (turned out to be crap). The Ice and Blueberry Widow were good, but the blueberry widow had a tendency towards hermaphroditism. The Ice was fucking awesome. The beans got there, so you do not have to worry about that.

    After using Marijuanaseeds.nl, Nirvana Seeds, and the Attitude Seed Bank, I recommend the Attitude with stealth shipping guarantee. But you will get your beans from all the ones I mentioned. I have heard great things about Sannie's Seeds, too!

    HanzPal Member

    Hell yeah man i'm excited! I'm planning on buying a seed pack from Attitude and Marijuana-seeds.nl. I heard that autos usually don't have that much THC once their harvested? But I don't know exactly thats just what ive heard..

    SirLancelot Active Member

    I just finished some Northern Light autos and they were fucking bomb! it's all in how you grow

    HanzPal Member

    Hahahaha thats fuckin' dope man! I can't wait! It's my medicine lol
    past times

    past times Well-Known Member

    my favorite from them is aurora indica. i just got strawberry cough, mazar and green spirit(F). weed-seeds.net is just like it only more selection. same delivery system.

    HanzPal Member

    Dude that's so weird I was thinking about getting Aurora Indica also because it's a shorter plant..
    Shannon Alexander

    Shannon Alexander Well-Known Member

    If you notice a lot of their strains seem to be nirvana strains with the same pictures as nirvanas for the strain... I don't know if they are different at all as I've not grown the nirvana varieties or the ones from marijuana-seeds.nl...

    I have some of their hollands hope going at the moment... Not one problem with germinating or any problems with their seedlings...

    hazorazo New Member

    I will tell you this.....I have had Ice from Nirvana, and Ice from marijuanaseeds.nl, and both were good, but the marijuanaseeds.nl was better. But with marijuanaseeds.nl, I was very suspicious of whether the beans I recieved were the REAL genetics they are supposed to be. If you check out my threads, my Ice Anomaly strain came from an Ice strain that was totally different than the rest. I honestly think it was a different set of genetics altogether, just labeled improperly. All the beans I got from them were hand written in sharpie on the plastic baggie. Given, this was 2 or 3 years ago_Overall, I think marijuanaseeds.nl is a small distributor.....one that buys seeds from the breeders and marks them up a ton! Look at the prices of the weed on marijuanaseeds.nl. The prices are not as good as at other sites. Honestly, like I said, you will get your beans from marijuanaseeds.nl, nirvana, and Attitude. But you are better off with Attitude or something like Hemp Depot (good prices, reputation). I am hooked on the monthly specials at Attitude!

    CR500ROOST Well-Known Member

    The have fake genetics.I have ordered and grew there master kush and it wasn't master kush.It was some BS sativa .

    crackerblack Member

    I have ordered from them(marijuana-seeds.nl)and my opinion, bad genetics.

    dragoon Member

    hey hanz, please let me know how did go, the growing i mean, as i intend to come to gaza and start planting. i will bring some seed from Netherlands, im thinking Hawaiian Snow, and low blueberry. if you need me advice use, http://www.greenhouseseeds.nl[/url]. these guys know what they are doing. have fun

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    Yes Arjan and Franko know their a bunch of fakes.
    Advise DONT GROW greenhouse. Buy from the original breeder not the one claiming PATENT original

    Nirvana are more trusty than GH.

    viva.sativa Member

    I ordered white widow seeds from them. It took about 3 weeks and the seeds are high quality. They all sunk in a few hours and have all sprouted beautifully. They gave me 5 bonus seeds which I havnt tried yet. I would buy from them again!
    mr sunshine

    mr sunshine Well-Known Member

    has anyone grown blueberr . from mseeds nl??
    mr sunshine

    mr sunshine Well-Known Member

    i ment blueberry

    ic3qu33n Member

    I ordered from Nirvana first many years ago (Well over a decade ago!!!) great genetics, even when put in less than optimal conditions. I thought myself about ordering from that site, but went with the reputation from Attitude this time!

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