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marijuana mad science (grafting marijuana to other plants)

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by Rhyspect, May 7, 2010.


    Rhyspect Active Member

    i was surfing the net... as you do ... and i found a youtube video of some guy grafting different fruit trees to a bigger tree root system. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTtXmBVsolY here be the video if anyone's interested. im posting because i think that if you wanted to speed up marijuana growth you could take the root system of other plants with a similar structure and graft a marijuana stalk to a different plant. say a fast growing plant something that produces fruit, something like strawberries or tomatoes, the beauty of this being, you could clone plants that have already budded to plants which are yet to bud, plus it'd look fucking MAD to have strawberries growing next to big fuck off weedy buds, has anyone tried this? can anyone think of some better reasons for doing it? and does anyone know if it'd be possible?

    Atarijedi Well-Known Member

    I have been reading into grafting as well, after seeing it happen at a vineyard.

    It makes me wonder if the cannabis would take on characteristics of the plant it is grafted too, which could be awesome if you could graft it to a faster growing plant like bamboo, some types of bamboo (which is a grass) can grow up to a foot a day.

    Anyways, once I get my perpSOG up and running, I will test this out.
    That 5hit

    That 5hit Well-Known Member

    theres no real reason outside of "just cause" to do this

    MEANGREEN69 Well-Known Member

    i dont think it whould take on characteristics of the other plant. but you could use a plant with a bigger root system to get a bigger plant.. like a indica plant grafted to a satvia root system..

    kpw555 Well-Known Member

    You could graft it too tobacco and call it "BluntFactory" hee hee
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    Rhyspect Active Member

    i like the "bluntfactory" idea! however i think the toxins that the tobacco would produce would possibly be dangerous for the plant. i heard that strawberries were mildly related to marijuana so the success probability would probably be higher, and i think it'd be useful especially for the cultivation of clones without a hydroponics system, which (if you've read into hydroponics) means that you can cultivate larger amounts of marijuana just from 1 plant, cutting growing times down, i think the possibilities of this could be quite productive, however i think that the plants with the ability to do this would be limited. however if you had a few plants in the back garden growing you could possibly graft reducing time for root production. this means that this way of cultivating marijuana could in fact be faster than the hydroponic system in place, (granted that the quality of the grafted plants may not be as good as the hydroponic clones produce) i think we need to find a list of plants that are related to marijuana, then pick the plant which grows the fastest. possibly one which has a large root system and with a thick stalk to support the grafts. IF ANYONE HAS EXPERIENCE SPEAK UP!

    Rhyspect Active Member

    where are you quoting "just cause" from? : /

    and what on earth do you mean by it?

    acidbox420 Active Member

    ya kinda point less unless u had root rot that wont go away and you need a new root system lol but why else would you take the chance of sliceing your ladys legs off just for fun?

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    "why are you grafting pot onto other things?"

    what's the point?

    i think that's what he meant.
    That 5hit

    That 5hit Well-Known Member

    yes i meant that it is pointless to do this
    you could graft weed onto a strawberry plant
    but the buds wont tast or smell anything like strawberry
    you can get the same effect from just growing a strawberry plant in the grow room
    why is it a need to graft onto each other

    i can all most see a reason if the reason is maybe a gorilla grow at the tops of huge trees
    but you would need some tree climbing equipment and you will need to live nere some tall trees
    and i guess you will need to atleast go up half the tree - now this is not a bad idea- you would only have to climb the tree twice
    1st for the grafting then 2nd for the harvesting

    Sustainable420 Active Member

    This would be so sick for a guerilla grow. They do this for peyote because its slow growing characteristics.

    Skunkybud Well-Known Member

    You can fucking graft a plant to a tree? Shit son thats fucked I'm stoned and wanna try that shit bro.
    That 5hit

    That 5hit Well-Known Member

    it can be done but you have learn how to do it
    anything can be grafted onto anything

    Rhyspect Active Member

    ROFL i can see it now ,,, a weed tree.

    Rhyspect Active Member

    and as for everyone else who didn't bother to read my other rather long post, that or you just didn't get it... the point being you wouldn't have to kill a plant just to graft it to another plant, that'd be stupid and pointless... you have to keep both alive plus your CUTTING that you wish to bud out...

    , so say you've just topped your plants, and you want to graft it to a strawberry plant for kicks why not?

    Denofearth69 Active Member

    Cannabis is closely related to the hop plants which are used to make beer. Back in the 70's there were purported attempts to graft cannabis to hops to create a new plant which would be legal as it would lack being named in the controlled substances schedules. Never did hear if anyone got it to work, but I have often wondered about making beer using dank buds instead of hops. I'll bet I could get like $30 a bottle and have people lining up to buy LOL. Also, plants can only be grafted to plants they are closely related to i.e. plum branch on peach tree will give you a nectarine. Cannabis, being basically an annual, doesn't really lend itself to grafting as grafted plants are always sterile, and therefore you would only have one season to realize any benefits.
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    16:20 Member

    good ideas all! Mj is closely related to hops and the fig tree ......way back when, when over grow was still around someone was able to graft to a fig tree wish i had the pics.... there seems to be a strain called dizzy i will post pictures later but i has been derived from a hops MJ hybrid and takes on the characteristics of a vine.
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    16:20 Member

    I disagree with Denofearth 69. an annual can be properly pruned to stay alive throught season changes and budding... some strains are more acceptable than others. stealth bonzidizzy.jpg 2Dizzy-Vine-7.jpg 2Dizzy-shed-shot-med.jpg

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    16:20 Member

    speaking about the same strain it happens to be really great to bonzai as it can re flower.....

    ch33ch Active Member

    okay the following is so long i got logged out while typing it: my thoughts on the subject: sweet gum trees. (they produce terpenes and i always thought they were like bud's great ancestor or distant relative or something like that.
    tree top grow? i would like to go to the top of a big tree, chainsaw a hole in it, to be the pot, run a small water line up it, and grow like that.
    but here are my real goals:
    tissue culture:
    sometime (in the distant future) after i have the funds and the resources, i would like to create new plants. they may be chimeras, graft hybrids, whatever you want to call them, but here is how i would do it: plant tissue culture, i would snip little pieces of strawberry plant and the growing tip of hi-qual bud, put them together in the culture dish, touching, and let them grow together. i would attempt the same with sweetgum and various other plants.
    another method i would try, which requires a little math knowledge:
    inducing polyploidy.. doubling the chromosome count..
    okay what i was going to say was doubling the chromosome number multiple times until you have a match between the two plants you want to hybridize/graft. but i did some math (14*2*2*2forever*2) trying to get something divisible by 20 and it doesnt seem to happen. but say i did what i was saying, about plant tissue culture. if the two plants combined, chromosome count would be 34 if the strawberries had 14 and bud had 20. that is an even number so it could possibly reproduce with another plant of its species, (which i created)
    or induce polyploidy and you have 68 chromosomes, 2 copies of every chromosome.
    you can also create haploid plants, which have half the normal amount of chromosomes, by growing one of it's gametes in tissue culture. (pollen grains are an example of a gamete)
    then you can induce polyploidy of the haploid plants (double the chromosome count using colchicine) and you have a plant with the normal amount of chromosomes, but 2 copies of each chromosome, because you halved them, took one half, and doubled it. this way, you are taking half the genes away from the plant, creating a new plant with only half the original genetics(which will probably look totally different) then doubling those genes with the colchicine which interferes with cell division, (when the cell doubles its chromosomes, normally splitting the new copy into the new cell, when using colchicine, the new copies stay in the old cell and the new cell is just empty cell walls) once you've done that, any recessive genes (that were in the half of the genetics that your haploid plant contained) will be doubled. when you have 2 recessive genes, that trait is expressed, whereas it only takes one dominant gene to express a trait. so this will bring out recessive traits in the new plant you just made by throwing away half the genes then doubling the remaining genes. (i am using genes and chromosomes as the same word, although there are probably multiple genes in one chromosome, dont remember)
    So, this is useful for plant breeding: say you take male gamete, grow it in tissue culture then double the ploidy, and take female gamete, grow in tissue culture and double the ploidy. then you have one plant with either 2X or 2Y chromosomes, and all recessive traits carried on the chromosomes are expressed in its phenotype(as well as dominant ones). that is from the male gamete haploid plant that you turned diploid with colchicine.
    then from your female gamete haploid plant you turned into a diploid plant, you also have recessive gene/traits expressed in the pheno, and the dominant ones, but this one always has 2 X chromosomes. Then you mate your chosen XX or YY plant which came from male pollen, with your chosen XX female plant. (choose both for favorite expressed traits) you mate them, if you mated the YY with the XX, all the babies will be XY, male, and great fathers for your future plants, since you chose them for their genetics. If you mate your XX(which originated from male gamete) and XX female, all the babies will be female. im not sure if that's how feminized seeds are created, seems a little complicated but would also come out with 100% chance of females, no hermies, because the mother and father both are passing on an X chromosome and no Y chromosome, therefore all females XX.
    now, the way i THINK they make 'feminized' seed is to just double the ploidy (once again probably using colchicine) that way every chromosome is doubled(yielding 40 chromosomes for bud). it is best to do this with both parents so you dont come out with sterile offspring in future generations. double them both, your males will be XYXYwith 36 other chromosomes(or XXYYidk), females will be XXXX36 other chromosomes. then you have (if males go XYXY you have 50%chance hermie(XXXY, XYXX), 25%chance double femaleXXXX, 25%chance double maleXYXY.(but double male would actually be female with 2Y chromosomes.. so a weird plant possibility of herm i guess, possibility of male plants.. )
    if males go XXYY then you have 100% chance hermaphrodite XXXY
    if you want to figure out how any two of those creations would mate, http://www.changbioscience.com/genetics/punnett.html thats how i worked out those because its faster than doing it myself.
    and now for an explanation of why you must double both parents chromosomes or risk sterile offspring in subsequent generations:
    normal plants 2n=20 n=10 from each parent 10+10 = 20 again. in normal plants thats either 9x or 9y plus 9x = 9xy male or 9xx female
    now, if you double both parents, 2n=40 n=20 and 20+20=40 again. i dont want to go into the X and Y on this one, i just did up there. (polyploid plants are usually stronger and grow better than normal ones, and polyploidy would also explain why so many growers get hermies.)

    so that explains 2 normal plants mating (20) and 2 polyploid plants mating(although you could polyploid beyond 40 to 80, 160, sexing gets all complex again.)

    okay now say you had one polyploid plant and one normal diploid plant:
    2n=40 n=20 and normal 2n=20 n=10
    20+10=30 30 is the new 2n for the babies. the 2n=30 baby has the possibility of having XXX or XXY and if it has babies 2n=30 n=15 if bred with a normal plant 2n=20 n=10 10+15=25 then it has an odd # of chromosomes, therefore cant equally divide from 2n=25 so most likely sterile. if you bred it with a 2n=40 then 20+15= 35, same problem, cant divide by 2.
    so the only way it could ever make reproduce is with another triploid or whatever. i say triploid since 2n=20 originally, so n=10 originally and 3n would be 30, although the new babies are 2n=30 for breeding purposes, they would have to breed with other mutants with 30 chromosomes to ever have living babies. at this point you could induce polyploidy again with the colchicine and get 2n=60 where n=30 and they could once again be fertilized by normal plants and end up as 2n=40 again, or if they bred with 2n=40 plants where n=20 and 20+30=50 2n=50 and n=25, once again putting them in the situation either be doubled to 2n=100 or only produce viable offspring with 2n=50 and i am not going any further but that is the complicated breeding program i may eventually work with (on paper first because its much faster than doing it and realizing you've done it for nothing) to eventually be able to mix strawberries and bud, or other plants with plants that are currently incompatible, via grafting or otherwise.
    sorry for the incredibly long post, didnt expect to go into genetics, but at least we found out that with tissue culture and induced polyploidy, you can selectively breed your plants to visually pick the best genetics, and produce 100% female seeds, or 100% male seeds, for passing on those chosen genetics. and the other way which only involves colchicine and no haploid plants, no tissue culture required, you can get yourself lots of hermaphrodites, and how breeding those with normal plants could result in natural termination in a couple generations.
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