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Marijuana Card To Minors(California)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by emptypool1, Aug 12, 2008.


    emptypool1 Well-Known Member

    i am currently a marijuana patient.
    and my aunt called me the other day saying she knew i was a patient, and she wated to know about getting her 16 year old son a cannabis card due to his very bad insomnia and very bad anxiety.

    she heard somewhere that with parent authorization, it can be possible

    has anyone heard of this in california?

    worble7 New Member

    just went and got my card but i think i did see something like that on the card app. but not sure. she could just call the place and find out or better yet get a card herslef and buy it for him :) they only asked me a few things. jeff

    monkeyphunk Active Member

    its at the discretion of thre dr but alot of dispenbsariies around cali wont allow a minor in their establisment:-?

    emptypool1 Well-Known Member

    not even with the parent present?
    and who can regulate what they buy

    worble7 New Member

    only can have a 1/2 pound on you or maybe in deep shit

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