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Mango Kush Flowering Time

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by infinitescrog, Mar 13, 2011.


    infinitescrog Active Member

    So I've got 5 mango kush clones starting week 6 of flower, and as you can imagine, the excitement is starting.

    I was wondering if anyone had a ballpark for when their MK had finished, I have searched and searched and have yet to come up with anything solid.

    I also have one unknown also starting week 6, I was told it was ATF, but I am unsure. It is probably twice as tall as the MK's would this be true of an ATF? (All the mk's are approx the same height)

    Thanks for any help!

    Of course this is assuming they are really "MK" as I have learned that it does / does not exist to some you talk to. And who knows if I have it, I certainly only know what I was told when I got them. (But people lie)

    KawiZZR Active Member

    I am just finishing a "mango kush" grow, but it is a cross I was given of a mango and a master kush, thus the name. I started harvest today at the end of 9 weeks flowering (counting from preflowers showing not switch to 12/12).

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