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Males produce THC too

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by goose, Feb 6, 2007.


    goose Active Member

    Every time I've bought a bag of weed, there was always a few seeds in the bag. I've read that males produce small buds, so why not just keep 'em seperate from the females and let 'em produce??

    I have 4 females and 2 males growing right now and the males are tall and healthy looking, I can't just chop 'em down.

    How much bud does a male plant produce?

    bleorg Active Member

    While there is some thc in a male, They do not produce buds. They do not produce seeds either. Male flowers produce pollen, and female buds produce seeds when exposed to this pollen. Keep those males if you want, but your not going to get much that's worth smoking out of them, and they're going to ruin your females by loading them with buds. Males do tend to be some of your biggest and healthiest plants, but they've gotta go.

    dursky Well-Known Member

    i smoked pot from a male plant that was 21ft tall.... that pot was very very strong.

    MajoR_TokE Well-Known Member

    I would kill all the males.

    #1stonergirl Active Member

    I would have to argee 100% with MajoR, and kill those 2 male plants.
    ablazed blunt

    ablazed blunt Well-Known Member

    Yeah you don't want any male plants at all. Chop them down.

    whitebombs Well-Known Member

    male plants don't bud?

    betaleo00x Active Member

    Keeping males separate, while producing a miniscule amount of THC by comparison to females, would be to some benefit, but you have to factor in the cost of upkeep on the males. In my opinion, it would be better to toss them out, as if you kept them, you'd have to keep them away from the females to avoid pollination (obviously), thus you'd need a whole separate grow space, which would cost money that would be of better use in the real grow space.

    betaleo00x Active Member

    In fact, I'd say just take the males and make a lil bit of hash.

    pheonixfire1991 Well-Known Member

    then it was a hermephrodite. duh.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    They produce pollen sacks and that is it.

    I have had males that had some frost on leaves but they do not produce buds.

    indianaman New Member

    don't smoke pollen. wtf?
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    If that was directed at me I did not make any comment on smoking pollen or not smoking pollen I simply said that males produce pollen balls/sacks and not buds. If you want to read more into that than I said that is your prerogative.

    indianaman New Member

    just peeps in general. why would you want seeds if not necessary. and who smokes pollen?
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    The only reason I would consider making seeds is if I had some rare hard to find strain and especially if it was some landrace strain and I wanted to have seeds for the future or if I was attempting to make some hybrid. After that making seeds would be useless to me.

    As for smoking pollen I have known a few people that believe that adding it to their final cured yield and smoking it somehow increases the buzz. I think they are crazy myself but then I have never tried it so they may be crazy and maybe they are onto something but I figure if it worked it would be well known and a very common practice so I tend to think they were just crazy people.

    hamboner Well-Known Member

    could you take a look at my post in the general growing section under the title are these males or herms?

    just to tell me what you think

    hamboner Well-Known Member

    could you have a look at the thread i posted in general growing too mate,just to see thie pics
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    The only half close pic makes me say males. The other pics are far enough away, not enough close detail, to fool someone but the one half close one says you have boys.

    maxpesh Active Member

    Yep I was thinking that "Hermie". Don't buy anymore bags of weed from that supplier, coz if you got seed in it . It means one of 2 things. one,,,It was a female that had been pollinated and started producing seeds therefore low amounts of THC. Or two,,,the plant was a hermeafrodite and therefore all the seeds will be hermie also , because of genetics. Hermies are the worst kind of plant to ever get

    dreben Active Member

    betaleo00x said it best

    let's put it this way - when you're smoking males, you're smoking sperm :-D

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