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Male Plants / Pot Butter, Brownies!!!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by bud4less$, Sep 28, 2008.


    bud4less$ Well-Known Member

    :weed:So I have been trying to find out if you can make good Pot Butter, Brownies, ext from Male Plants? If so do I just follow the recipes as if I was using Female leaf? Thanks..:weed:.

    crazyoutlaw New Member

    Um..you cant do it with female leafs..just go buy some cheap regs for like $60 an ounce..and knock yourself out!

    Otoole Active Member

    Liars! It works.

    I tried it last night. Here's what I did:

    Took one 20" male plant with a medium amount of leaves. Cut off the leaves. Dry leaves in oven at 150 F. Grind leaves in coffee grinder. Follow pot brownie recipe, but use half recipe, but still enough oil to cover material in pan (I figured I would have to consume all the oil, so didn't want to make all the brownies). Ate all the brownies.

    One hour later, it began and seems to be just wearing off now, 12 hours later. Wonderful, but I may have been helped by not having used at all lately. Guess that's why I tried it. I'm so glad to know the truth! The guys that say "It won't work, shut up and just buy $60 of shwag" ARE WRONG.

    themink86 Active Member

    finally a real answer!! ive been looking on google for 30 minutes and nobody had the answer i was looking for! did you just use the leaves? you didn't grind up any stemers?

    Otoole Active Member

    In that case I just used the leaves. Stems would work fine I think, if you could grind them up into small enough bits.

    The challenge is that this is a far smaller ratio of THC to oil than regular pot brownies, made with actual bud. So the more plant matter, the more oil you're going to need to cook it in. This means you end up having to consume several times the amount of oil typical for a dose with pot brownies. I had to eat an entire half batch to get my trip.

    So I guess my approach was to use the strongest part of the plant (relatively speaking), which was the leaves. The extra oil I would have had to consume to get a little THC from the stems might have been unpleasant.

    I already had a half batch of brownies made just with oil, no egg, no water, and it was super moist and almost more brownie that one wants to eat at one sitting.

    So you see, the more parts you use, the less efficient. It's up to you. If you can drink a solid cup of lawn flavored vegetable oil or eat an entire pan of brownies, then you won't have any problems.

    I decided to use the stems to make Green Dragon with some 100 proof vodka. Ahh, feels good to be using every part of the buffalo.

    Here I am once again making a compromise by not completely sacrificing taste with Everclear, a more powerful extractor of THC.

    mienweedsmoker Member

    so we jus dry up all the leaves ?

    mienweedsmoker Member

    so do u jus dry up the leaves ?
    does it have the same effect as regular brownies ?

    InkBuddy Member

    Is that kitty on a titty?
    mr wrong

    mr wrong Member

    Whaaat?? I make butter every time from all my female clippiings?? Like every thing left over goes in. The rusulting butter i put into brownies and it absolutely farks you sideways!!!
    What do you mean you cant use female leaves?

    bigsteve Well-Known Member

    I have a bud who took some of my excess fan leaves and made pot butter/salve. He used cocoa butter in one
    batch and lanolin in the other. Salve has the look and consistency of a store-bought skin cream. But alas, I
    haven't been able to find a marketing hook. In other words, I got a producy without a marketable use.

    Any suggestions????


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