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Male or female seeds?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by loquacious, Oct 30, 2011.


    loquacious Well-Known Member

    HOLY SHIT! ARE THE BIGGEST PERCENTAGE OF PEOPLE ON HERE JUST STUPID ASSHOLES? I don't need fucking random opinions from stupid people just people who are willing to experiment. I have seen 4 people on this thread with smarts (you know who you are) and the rest of you just talking out of your ass! How in the hell can you call bullshit if you have never tried to use the system!?! I am not saying it works, I am asking if anyone has tried it and if they would report on their findings. I will be using this method and will be reporting my findings on this site. Just calling "bullshit" and not having anything to back it up other than "I think it's wrong" or "I heard someone say it's wrong" just makes you look like an asshole with no common sense. If the world was full of people like you back in the early days, we wouldn't have cars, airplanes, penicillin, light bulbs, and other modern necessities! Get the fuck out of this thread if you have nothing intelligent to offer! I will be using my microscope to sex the seeds (TGA gear) and will post my findings. Anyone else want to join me please feel free to add.

    Sp32 Active Member

    I once had a guy who held the bottom of my plants stalk, wobbled it about and told me the plant was a male plant because it wobbled quite a bit. Of course it turned out to be a female plant. Some people just like to talk out of their anal region. My current grow is the only grow where I've had male and females seeds mixed and all my previous grows I had female seeds. ALL of them bumped when I rolled them across the table.

    Keefers26 Active Member

    Here's the thing, say you could tell the sex from the seed, then nobody would have male plants unless they wanted them, don't you think that would have caught on big time. Anyways, that picture looks like its from the 70s.

    Take a rage dump, man.

    pandan Active Member

    Ok in a way you have a point but think about this- maybe when someone started doing it in the 70's everyone reacted the same way as now :)
    You don't have to believe man, I don't think I do, but if you don't why don't you just take notice of your seeds shapes and document it and then go rub your findings in your enemies face :)

    grannybonger Active Member

    I'll be starting another 6 'females' next weekend, I'll be glad to post my results. Peace Man, some people can't even agree which way to plant the root.

    potpimp Sector 5 Moderator

    I see this stupid shit all the time and have for years here. Noobs get just enough info (usually from other eager beaver noobs) to make them think they are a fucking master gardener and they can barely pull one grow out of their ass without a meltdown, screaming and begging for help here. I have to admit, this plant is unique in the plant kingdom in many ways. It's survival must be very important to the Creator because of the unique checks and balances for propagation. Not to mention that it's the only plant in the world to show outward signs of it's sex. It's seeds are the worlds most perfect food, providing amino acids found nowhere else in the plant kingdom. The THC fits like a hand in a glove to the canabinoid receptors in our brains and bodies, like a key unlocking a lock. It is also the most psychoactive compounds anywhere, not to mention the most effective pain reliever, anti-spasmodic, anti-emitic, and cancer killing properties. It's like a person takes this wonderful medicine into their body in any number of ways, and it is like it queries your brain "what's the problem? what can I do to help?" It goes wherever it's needed to help your body. In that, it is unique - but it is just a plant with it comes to growing.

    loquacious Well-Known Member

    See, you prove my point! You are stupid! People want male plants for seeds as it is a huge business and they want male plants to cross breed with other strains. Before you post, you should read what you are about to post and then just delete the post as you are a moron!

    grannybonger Active Member

    Excuse me for a sec loqacious, this is a message for potpimp.

    Some of these 'stupid' people remind me of a post of mine, I was upset that I didn't get a chance to tell them so, I think maybe you seen that coming when you closed the thread. Yeah it's me potpimp, the guy from Hydro Seeds. It turned out ok, I reposted and didn't ask, and got some more people believing in the nutrition, lights, medium all can affect a seeds DNA. All's good.

    I try not to fret about the morons but when their wrong 'and' rude, that gets my goat. Cheers

    loquacious Well-Known Member

    According to the chart, 2 out of 10 Plushberry seeds are male (which if it works is an amazing ratio).

    Springtucky Well-Known Member

    why is that the seeds produced from selfed plants are fem only? The ability to put off a male stamen and have male chromosomes in pollen is different

    PapaSmoke81 Member

    Your right my bad I just looked at my package from them and they are not femized....not sure why I thought that....retract that statement, it was the mk ultra from th seeds i had the problem with....sorry

    grannybonger Active Member

    I spoke too soon. One of my bushy females is a bushy male. My 10 for 10 females just got kicked. It's now 9 for 10.

    I postponded germinateing more for a month. Got some nice big ones coming.

    loquacious Well-Known Member

    Just an update, the chart was 100% percent accurate and even though this is by no means a scientific experiment, I believe what I see.

    alphawolf.hack New Member

    damn i knew it! i came in at the end and worked my way back to one of the first things i learned growing i verify this 100%. although i just bought some fem seeds bluecheese from barneys farm because they are herm the seeds had male traits this is off putting but worth the genetics to breed(this is why absolute darkness is important. it builds up female hormones and helps prevent hermi's)anyways back to the seed thing my first grow i had 1000's of seed in a bowl some fans a 175 mh and some 40w t12 flouro's i planted six seeds that indents had the most round volcano shaped indent with flush edges. looked with microscope for couple hours. all female all flowered. first grow. just remember all fem plants are have hermie traits they just have to be suppressed. the least likely type of fem not to hermie would be a fem plant fertilized by a Hermie from another gene(F2) the problem with these are they are unpredictable as far as phenotypes often having a wide diversty

    alphawolf.hack New Member

    gene is supposed to be followed by POOL

    alphawolf.hack New Member

    also a herm plant for those that dont know could show its balls b4 its pistole's

    unohu69 Well-Known Member

    Originaly posted here:http://www.rollitup.org/breeders-pa...ut-breeding-nirvana-genitics.html#post6965110
    but it needs to be here for reference.

    From The cannabis Breeders Bible - Greg Green

    "If you find a dioecious cannabis strain that has the hermaphrodite condition you
    can separate this plant from the rest and allow selfing to occur. If the male pollen
    is viable on this plant then the hermaphrodite will produce seeds. Selfed plants
    that produce seeds will l eventually generate offspring that :

    1. Are all l female

    2. Are all l hermaphrodite

    3. Produce male, female and hermaphrodite plants because the environment also
    influences the final sexual expression of the selfed plant

    4. Express limited variation from the original selfed plant

    Breeders should note that it is nearly impossible for a hermaphrodite to create
    male plants although environment can influence males to appear.
    Hermaphrodites usually create female-only and hermaphrodite seeds. The
    female-only seeds often carry the hermaphrodite trait . Selfing has become popular
    among those who wish to breed all-female or feminized seeds. Unfortunately
    feminized seeds do very little for the cannabis gene pool as the hermaphrodite
    condition prevents growers from generating a sinsemilla crop.

    Well-informed breeders tend to shy away from producing feminized seeds.
    Feminized seeds should only be used for bud production and not for breeding.
    Generating seeds from feminized plants is only advised for personal use and not
    for distribution. "

    I thought it was worthwhile to post that...

    grannybonger Active Member


    Mellowman2112 Well-Known Member

    I just tried this, out of four seeds selected using the chart shown All four appear to be females. they have the hairs coming out I will let you know if any balls appear but so far they look like females to me. 4 for 4 is hardly scientific but it's starting to make a believer out of me. I chose the fattest roundest seeds with the roundest hole where they were connected to their mom. I also tried this with a previous grow but with just one seed and it worked so its five for five really so far.

    grannybonger Active Member

    I use this id system all the time, my only problem is the males look identical to females until they show, thank christ most are female, biggest seed with the clear 'round'. Try using a mirror, just roll-em till you 'see' (no magnifier) the perfect round.

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