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Malathion = Dead bugs

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by whoreable, Aug 14, 2008.


    whoreable Well-Known Member

    If you want something like the Atomic Bomb for bugs, use Malathion.

    Not only is it deadly to all little bugs, it might kill you if you ingest any.

    I reccomend it, because ive never had to apply it twice, those bugs go straight to hell.


    masterkushner Well-Known Member

    Sup Dog? Long time no talk. So do you notice any taste issues or harsh smoke once cured? I remember when I used to live in So.Cal they would spray Malathion each night and when I woke up I had gooey shit all over my car. People where complaining to the city. I see veggies on the bottle so I have to think it should be safe. Peace.:joint:

    whoreable Well-Known Member

    Well im about 2 weeks into flowering I guess.

    My lemon kush has been outside in the summer, and it has had a big Bug problem from the start.

    I didnt care until i noticed the thing was a female and into full flowering.

    So lastnight I sprayed with malathion, some black bugs fell off this morning onto my fingers so thats good.

    I wouldnt harvest for another 2 months if I can, Im gonna try and let this sucker Flower for a long time, its a very small plant..

    Checkout my grow log, I will update today with pictures for first time since seedling.

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