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Making ur Buds taste better?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by DaDankSTUFF, Dec 1, 2008.


    DaDankSTUFF Active Member

    Hey i have a question i heard from a buddy u can take like rasberry juice or whatever and dilute it with water and mist ur plants and it makes the buds taste like the juice? cause if it works i want sum rasberry kush!

    Boneman Well-Known Member

    Welcome to RIU :)

    LOL....go get some flavored blunts and put your bud in that wrapper and say you sprayed them.

    Landragon Well-Known Member

    the molecules that create the telltale flavor of raspberry are altered considerably by combustion. The taste is not transferred when smoked. If you want better tasting pot, grow better tasting pot, grow organic, use some mh,especially near harvest time, and use sucanat in the flush. It is not sugar or fruit juice that makes dank tasting weed, it is various essential pils and terpenes created by the plant. I suggest against flavored blunts, or blunts in general for health reasons.

    ripz New Member

    if you want to do a little experiment you can get some blue food colourin and some vanilla essence for cooking dilute them and when you chop your plants cut them at base of stem and place the cut stem in glass containig your blue vanilla fluid leave in there for 2 hours then hang to dry as normal the plants sytem will suck up the fluid and colour and flavour the buds,dependant on strain, some work better than others. but you can try it on one bud if you dont want to risk too much bud. i prefer my weed to taste and look like its meant too. you could also try growing a coloured strain or a particular flavoured strain and lower temps in final week of flower that brings out amny colours and flavours more.

    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    OR you could actually change the flavor of your bud right before you chop.

    About 1-2 hours before you cut your plant down, take some vanilla essence or any other concentrated essence (because juice has too many natural sugars, and could end up growing bacteria in your bud, no matter how soon before chop you do this), and mix it in with water. Make sure your plants are bone fuckin dry when you do this. Take your water, and water the plant. lol, its pretty much that easy. Just make sure you only let the roots soak up the flavored water for an hour or two at the MOST (the preferable time is one hour), and your nugs will have a hint of whatever flavor you choose in their taste. Dont try this with every single plant in your harvest, but try it with one plant, and see how well it works. This is of course if your growing in soil. Hydro is a little more complicated, because you cant really isolate just one plant in particular, because you have to put the flavoring in the rez.

    This is taken from instructions that GREENMAN has posted up on his website, www.seedbankupdate.com . I never tried it myself, but im assuming it works, otherwise he wouldn't have posted it up on his website.

    fuckin with your plants AFTER chop wont do anything but make shit harsh, burn horrible, and just fuck up the overall flavor and appearance of your nugs.

    Hope that helped man :D

    *edit* -- n as far as changing the color goes man, dont do it. Fdd2Blk did an experiment like this, and while the nugs really looked beautiful, they burned black and nasty, and the nugs tasted like shit. It ruined the smoke itself. So if your just lookin for bag appeal, and dont give a shit how the bud looks, by all means, soak your nugs in food coloring, lol. But if you DO care, and you still wanna try your hand at changing the color of your nugs, go pick up some Humboldt County's own Purple Maxx. Itll stack your budsites closer together, and help you get some nice, thick dense bud, but at the same time, 1/3 of the people that used Purple Maxx have actually had their plants turn purple because of it. The nutrient used to be named "Stacker", but because so many people were reporting that theyre plants were turning purple (the plants werent purp strains), they renamed it to Purple Maxx. Pretty cool eh??

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