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Making RSO need help

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by Live2Love, Feb 13, 2014.


    Live2Love New Member

    Hey ya'll. Making a batch of RSO tonight, problem is my grinder went missing and I don't like to use my fingers to break stuff this sticky up.

    I'm thinking do first rinse with the buds mostly intact (broke it up a big while removing stems), and then for the second rinse use an immersion blender instead of manually mixing?

    Does this sound like it could work? :?:

    Sirdabsalot462 Well-Known Member

    I would highly suggest drying those sticky moist flowers out before extraction.

    You can use a dehydrator, or a vacuum chamber to dehydrate the flowers.
    If your material contains too high of water content, it hinders the extraction.

    Or you could just leave the flowers out, no jar, no bag.. For a week or so.

    Welcome to RIU.

    may I ask what led you to make the” RSO” specifically?
    What are your intentions with it?

    I only ask because if you are looking for an oil to vape/combust via nail/dome...
    Rso is best suited for oral consumption, and mainly utilized for Cancer/Tumor treatment.

    If you really want to grind and do it asap...
    Put your sticky buds in the freezer for a few hours and grind the fuck out of your material with a coffee grinder.
    If you end up grinding into a powder...

    Use a LOT of filters to remove and prevent debris getting into the final extract.
    Hope this helps..

    And again, Welcome to RIU

    Live2Love New Member

    Thank you-I stuck my buds in the freezer already-

    I chose RSO because I have major spinal problems that morphine/dilauted ect is the only thing that helps. I became addicted to those, which led to a heroin addiction. I have another spinal surgery coming up, and I wanted to try this as an alternative.

    I am also going to be trying other concentrates as well, RSO is just a starting point. If it works great, if not, I have more material =)

    Sirdabsalot462 Well-Known Member

    A fellow CPP!! (Chronic Pain Patient)

    I too suffer a disease similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis, attacks the spine and all joints potentially reaching internal organs... Pretty fuct off disease, need a double hip replacement in my 30s scheduled in few weeks.

    I too was addicted, but to a different substance, so when I was prescribed the Opiates... I utilize hash oil to keep that demon at bay.

    I prefer BHO, and it's a gift from the Heavens.

    I minimize the Opioid intake, by using the Pain meds during the day and hash oil in the evening/night.

    In fact, there are times where my shatter has worked much more efficiently for pain, anxiety and insomnia...
    So the pills are under control.

    Be strong brother, use cannabis' essential oil to heal your addiction.

    Live2Love New Member

    Sir Dabs,

    I really appreciate your input, having another CPP to discuss this with as I'm new on this board is wonderful. The RSO I made today is DEFINITELY helping with the pain since I don't take any kind of pills for the pain. It's now more uncomfortable instead of being bed ridden.
    Tomorrow I'm going to do a run of BHO. I put that one off because there are SO many different ways of making it that I've been researching like crazy, but so many seem to contradict each other.
    Since you are using it for the same reasons I am, would you be willing to tell me your preferred method? If you don't want to post on the thread would you be willing to PM me?

    Thanks again =)

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    I would skip the immersion blender. I would gently shake the material in the solvent instead.

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    Define RSO? I consider RSO to be cannabis concentrate made by Rick Simpson's Naphtha or Isopropyl process, because cannabis concentrates predate his process.

    We make our concentrates for folks trying to lose the opiates, using the BHO or QWET process, and have had some notable successes in doing so. http://skunkpharmresearch.com/opiate-withdrawal/

    Consider trying Holy Anointing Oil or Holy Shit concentrate, made per the recipe at http://skunkpharmresearch.com/holy-anointing-oil-and-holy-shit/

    Good luck! If you wanted to talk to the two addicted folks who posted on the Skunk Pharm Research link, contact me for information on how to link up. No one knows what its like, as well as those who have already suffered through it and came out on top.

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