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making rick simpson oil with shake

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by mountaingirl2, Oct 20, 2013.


    mountaingirl2 Well-Known Member

    I have been looking at all the info out there about the oil. I understand the arguments for the different extraction methods. But I just do not understand why it is soooo important to use only high quality,VERY PRICEY bud material when making the oil. Isn't a trichome a trichome whether it comes from a sugar leaf or bud? I have read that the leaf has more cbd in it which is better medicinally. I have made some great bho oil that is super amber and pure with just sugar leaf. And I certainly make great butter with shake. I understand that the yield may be better with bud but it makes it so costly that it keeps me from doing the process. I would love a scientific explanation or someone who may have tried both extraction processes and sent samples to a lab. I wish I had the time and money.

    Question 2. I have read that many are decarboxylating their bud before making the oil. That seems redundant to me as well. Aren't you decarboxylating the oil when it is heated in the rice cooker?

    Question 3. If I do 2 quick ISO washes, is there anything left in the bud to extract or just pitch it? I have heard others use it to make butter or topical oil, etc but I would have no idea how strong it would be after the washes.

    Thanks Guys (and Chicks of course)

    1itsme Well-Known Member

    alot of ppl doing iso extraction dry their bud in the oven for a bit. this isn't really to decarb, it's to reduce water as much as possible to prevent the iso from picking up chlorophil. you are decarbing if you use heat to evap it. afaik the only reason to decarb is if your going to eat it.

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