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making marijuana butter

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by andthatisright, Jan 23, 2010.


    andthatisright Well-Known Member

    does the weed have to be dry anybody know?

    kemickels Active Member

    yes it does if its green it will tast like chewing on a green leaf:leaf:

    andthatisright Well-Known Member

    what do u mean green

    Hobbes Well-Known Member


    andthatsright if your bud is fresh cut or still wet put it in the oven at about 106C to decarboxylize the THCA and to dry the bud out. The length of time to bake depends on how wet and how much, if vaping the bud you want it completely dry then bake for another 5-15 minutes to finish decarboxyling but the heat from making the butter will decarboxylize for you. Some people bake higher for a shorter period but I'm concerned about boiling off cannaboids. A genius did some testing and determined that 106C is the optimal temperature for decarboxylizing so I use it for drying too.

    Use an oven thermometer, do not rely on the oven dial/display when making butter or baking food!

    Then grind your bud as fine as possible, an electric coffee grinder is best. The more surface area the quicker your butter will dissolve the resin. This is the most important reason to have dry bud before making butter.

    Here's the best bud butter recipe I've used, by Dr Jay, formerly the head chemist with the DEA in the States, turned medical marijuana user and activist, now deceased.


    Black Out Bud Butter
    by Jay R. Cavanaugh, PhD

    Black Out Bud Butter


    An even better bud butter for the Canny Bus

    Better Bud Butter has been a terrific hit with website readers and those fortunate enough to have a copy of “The Canny Bus Trip Kit” (soon to be released). It’s hard to improve on Better Bud Butter but we’ve done it.

    Improvement number one comes from using European sweet butter. Regular butter is about 80% butterfat while European butters range from 84-86%. This may seem trivial but remember it is the butterfat that exacts the cannabinoids so a 7-8 % increase in butterfat will result in a more efficient extraction and stronger butter. European style butter comes from a number of manufacturers including Plugra from upstate New York, Strauss Organic, and recently Challenge European Style. Yes, the best still comes from France but it is exorbitantly priced.

    Improvement number two comes from using a Braun high speed coffee grinder to convert all cannabis plant material from whatever source to a fine powder. The use of powder means the butter will taste more like cannabis as some of the chlorophyll and a few terpenes get into the butter. It also means a vastly increased surface area where the butterfat meets the cannabinoids. Using powder or “flour” significantly increases the potency of the final butter.

    Improvement number three comes from using the best starting materials available. In this case Train Wreck, California Orange, and Pooh Bear trim were ground up and supplemented by powdered California Orange flowers. Using bud as opposed to trim will increase the potency of the butter.
    The three improvements noted above resulted in cannabutter that is markedly different from the normal (and quite wonderful) Better Bud Butter. Black Out Bud Butter (BOBB) is approximately 2oo-300% stronger. The name BOBB comes from the fact that this butter is midnight green and will cause blackouts if too much is consumed.

    2 ½ pounds (six cups) of European Style high butterfat unsalted butter. I combined 8 oz of Plugra with 1 pound of Strauss Organic and 1 pound of Challenge European Style. Everyone has there own favorites but mine is Strauss. Strauss is smoother and less greasy than the others.
    4 oz powdered Train Wreck Trim
    2 oz powdered Pooh Bear Trim (a cross of Train Wreck and Salmon Creek Big Bud)
    2 oz powdered California Orange trim
    1/3 oz powdered California Orange flowers

    The butters were melted in a covered crock pot set on high. The powdered cannabis was gradually stirred in with a wood spoon. The mixture was frequently stirred and cooked covered on high for one hour followed by three hours set on low. Stirring was accomplished every 15 minutes.
    After four hours the hot mixture was squeezed through cheese cloth into a bowl then the product was filtered once more through cheese cloth. All available butter was squeezed out producing approximately 3 ½ cups. Theoretically, the cloth balls remaining could be re-extracted with more butter but the product would not be nearly as strong. Approximately 75-85% of the available cannabinoids are extracted on the first pass.

    Here is one cup of BOBB in his new refrigerator home:

    Note on Preparation:
    No gloves were used in squeezing the rather hot cloth balls into the collection vessel. If you go barehanded beware of burns. Usually the ball can be twisted and held at the top then you can press the ball with the wood spoon against the side of the collection vessel. Once the ball has cooled sufficiently you can “wring” out the last of the cannabutter. Yes, this is messy but will leave your hands oh so soft.

    Note on Amount of powdered cannabis to use:
    I use as much as will go into solution with the butter. This varies depending upon the cannabis and source.

    Note on Potency:
    I know this cannabutter is potent simply from the extreme effects produced from handling it. I look forward to using this super potent butter for the next batch of Pecan Sandies.



    Here's a do it yourself press to recover 25% more butter.



    Refining the BOBB for better taste.




    andthatisright Well-Known Member

    Hey man ,many many thanks for the information, will putit to the test right away!!!
    have some dryed but not cured weed here should be perfect,
    reason for this is becasue i give up smoking it through JOINTS 2weeks ago and have been smoking it through a bong since, and dont feel to be getting as stoned as i did or could be the serious nictotine withdraws at this early stage so anyway trying eating it.....

    kemickels Active Member

    + rep for that one hobbs very eductional. you have expaned my knowledge and i cant waite to try out the diy press thanks bud

    AdReNaLiNeRuSh Well-Known Member


    The decarboxylation process, as mentioned by Hobbes, is an unnecessary step. The actual process of making the butter, or baking cookies/brownies/whatever with the butter will take care of that. However, to answer your question, the bud does not have to be dry. Drying it, however, will make it taste better as many of the ill-tasting chemicals will break down in the presence of oxygen during the dry/cure process.

    For more information, there is a link in my signature on how to make cannabutter goodies. Feel free to check it out.

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    andthatisright Well-Known Member

    happy days adrenalinerush put that to the test,
    used 3grams of sharksbreath along with 50grams of the 80%butter and got 12 sexy muffins out of the butter
    didnt have any cheese cloth though think (the wife) just fired it on into the muffins, what does the drainning through the cloth do?
    she didnt leave it on low either for 3 hours - i was needing a stone sooner than later. haha, will do it that way next time

    Hobbes Well-Known Member


    "what does the drainning through the cloth do?"

    It removes the marijuana plant mater from the butter-resin solution. Better tasting but costs some potency of the resin absorbed into the plant matter. If you use the press it's worth the trade off to strain the butter, most people will anyway so they have food they can eat. A clean J-cloth will do for straining.


    "The decarboxylation process, as mentioned by Hobbes, is an unnecessary step. The actual process of making the butter, or baking cookies/brownies/whatever with the butter will take care of that."

    adrenilinerush is correct, I was thinking about making alcohol tincture where the temp stays below 79C. I would however dry completely the bud so you can coffee grinder it to bud flour - more surface area so the resin will dissolve quicker and more completely.

    I make Honey Oil Butter - a butane extraction then mix warm olive oil over the extraction tray full of honey oil, rub the pan with fingers to mix honey oil into olive oil. No heat for extraction so I like to bake the leaf beforehand, though baking the brownies may decarboxylize as adrenilinerush advises.



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