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Making herbal incense

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by flyingairplanes, Jul 29, 2010.


    flyingairplanes Member

    SWIM is putting together his first attempt at this this weekend.

    SWIM is using 1 oz damiana, 1 oz marshmallow leaf, and 1 gr jwh-018. SWIM will be using acetone to dissolve. SWIM ordered some tasty puff to try and add some flavor. Has anyone attempted to add flavor to a batch like this? SWIM does not want to overpower it with flavor but figured 20 drops or so maybe up to 40 for the whole 2 oz. might be nice. SWIM plans to dissolve it right into the acetone which he will test first to be sure.

    So anyone done this before that might be able to comment on the flavor "level" of this tasty puff stuff and maybe some insight on how much to use?

    flyingairplanes Member

    Ok so SWIM got his first batch finished using the spray method and acetone as the solvent. Very very good results diluted into 2 oz of acetone. SWIM may try the bath method next simply to avoid the sticky mess and fumes from spraying.

    Report on the product SWIM obtained from a jwh018supplier he found online is good. SWIM was very very pleased with the SUPER fast shipping and quality product that works very well.

    Report on the flavor drops added to the acetone.......not as good. SWIM used 20 drops of apple raspberry flavored stuff and mixed it right into the acetone. It did infuse somewhat of a smell/flavor into the blend but not really much. SWIM is not disappointed, fwiw, just not impressed. SWIM thinks it could just tolerate much more but did not want to go overboard the first batch. SWIM will double the amount of flavoring next time.

    Lalaporo Active Member

    Ok first, dude lol you dont need to say SWIM, you must be from drugs forum. Yea its best you dont use SWIM because noone will know what the hell you are talking about.

    flyingairplanes Member

    yeah I figured but you never know. Lots of folks tend to be sensitive on these forums.

    Also, I a so happy with my jwh source that I would love to share it publicly. A good business deserves good word of mouth but all I can do is elude to it and hope everyone gets it :)

    I got lots of great info on this forum too so thanks everyone who participates!

    Potatoandpot Member

    hows it goin flyingairplanes? I've created 3 batches of K2(herbal incense) so far and I knew before I started trying to add flavors to my K2 that the acetone would pretty much kill it although it does keep the smell and smell on the smoke. I used root beer extract from walmart and put it in a bowl and sprinkled some of my k2 into the bowl, after i attempted to allow the k2 dry with the root beer and then remembered "oh yeah the rootbeer is just going to turn into goo"...hmm stupid of me but anyways once I thought about this I put some of my normal herb into the bowl and used a spoon to stir the root beer into the herb and k2 mix once I was done getting most of the root beer mixed into the herb mix I then added the acetone and jwh mix and you could physically see the root beer extract burn away but surprisingly it still left a great smell on the herb and a great smell of the smoke. I'm still trying to come up with ideas to create flavors but not so far. I just started last week but have been very productive with my k2.

    drkscrts Member

    Has Anyone Gotten the New Formula for The New Herbal Potpourri....or Herbal Incense.....ive researched and researched and i get nothing....

    hookahnection Member

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