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making hash oil with 70 % iso

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by pothead6, Jun 22, 2007.


    pothead6 New Member

    can this be done will the quiality of the oil suck ??

    entropic Well-Known Member

    I can find 93% at my local drug store, and wal-mart has it too, 70% is 30 percent water and it will work, although not as well.

    Butane appears to be the way to go, here's a page I found on it
    neonjoint.com - How to make Hash

    tittyboi Well-Known Member

    i had a friend do that with his shake left over from pounds of weed. he would soak it for weeks and then boil it in a pan on the stove until most of the liquid is gone and then bakes it in the oven. most of the liquid gets dissolved but it is still good smoke. was real thick, thicker than say, molasses. scrap it off the bottom of the jar and melt it on top of the weed in your pipe.

    tittyboi Well-Known Member

    yeah im sure you can find an even higher percentage on the net or something. maybe use everclear

    Mark. Well-Known Member

    get a plastic bottle like a coke bottle 250ml seems 2 b best put a hole on the bottle top an about 6 on the bottem fill it with yur trimmings then put the butane gas in the top an empty it in it hav a mirror or somthin under neath 2 catch it an good air vent, seen a m8 do it 2 day think he put cheese paper or somthin at the bottem of the bottle

    Roseman Elite Rolling Society

    bro, do a search here for "hash oil".

    91 alcohol is very easy to find .

    smokaine Active Member

    I just went to Fred Meyer and got 99% for 2 bucks.

    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    I use 99%. My local 'Medisave' Pharmacy carries it.

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