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Making Hash Oil from leaves

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Roseman, Apr 8, 2007.


    hearmenow Well-Known Member

    Well, I did some more research after I posted this question and it seems like making hash with the males are a no go. I read where it gave some people bad headaches.

    Roseman Elite Rolling Society

    I did some research on using male leaves. Male plants dont make hash oil that will
    get you high.

    ThePretender1982 Well-Known Member

    Quick question....Once you've strained everything through the coffee filter, does the remaining pulp have any use or are we only interested in the strained liquid?

    brightlight Active Member

    I made some really nice oil with both the butane and isopropol method a few months back. In both cases I had a big issue gathering the oil up out of my container after the liquid(butane/isopropol) had disolved. Have you come across this problem? If so how did you go about solving it. I see you used a metal container, that may be the key as mine was plastic.

    Also a little trick I discovered to help the butane and isopropol disolve faster was to put the container with the oil alcohol mixture in a pot or bucket with really warm water, speeding up evapouration. WHen using butane the container needs to be removed before all the butane has been evapourated though as bubbles appear in the oil (which I feel may be filled with butane).

    Roseman Elite Rolling Society

    Well, you just removed the oils and most of the THC or "goodie" so I tossed it.

    Roseman Elite Rolling Society

    I used a stainless steel mixing bowl and it worked great. I situated the strainer over it and let it drip. I tried heating my bowl in wamr water some to speed up evaporation and then I read somewhere not to do that. Just be patient.

    Roseman Elite Rolling Society

    I wanted to add, if you do this right, use female shade leaves, follow the instructions and even add a little bud top to it, you're going to get some potent stuff. IF smoked properly, you can see colors, squiggley wavey stuff and get dizzy enough to pass out. You'll think you are a sofa.!!! or glued to it !!!!

    Roseman Elite Rolling Society

    We still are smoking it!

    GoodFriend Lumberjack

    rose man, at the end of the month i'll be harvesting my two plants, and i'm thinking i'll only keep the bigger buds to smoke, but use all the trim and a lot of the smaller popcorn buds to make hash

    now after reading this, i think the oil would be a lot more reasonable to make... my plants and leaves look nice and crystally too so hopefully a decent yeild of the oil too!!!

    i think i'll be asking your advice, along with videomans, later on!

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    the bubbles are butane evaporating. if it bubbles there is still butane in it. i let mine sit for 2 days. it gets crystally and turns into a thick oil when scraped. sometimes it turns white. i just made this batch about 3 days ago. :blsmoke:


    wildkeith Active Member

    Mmm... looks good where did you get the vial from?

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    you can get them for like $0.43 at the local pipe shop.

    pandabear Well-Known Member

    well I made some oil out of my plants that I chopped & harvested at the 4th week of flower cuz they had bad root rot. I used way too much alcohol though, about 2 regular size bottles. but I used all the leaves (not buds) from four 4-5ft plants. anyway it took forever to evaporate so I got crazy and ignited it all in the pyrex dish to burn it off. anyway I ended up with a shit load of oil. but unfortunatly it didnt booggy-wooggy on my brain like I had hoped.

    Do you guys think this was because my plants were chopped down in only the 4th week of flower and because the tricomes were not yet mature enough?

    kindly advise:bigjoint:

    brightlight Active Member

    I imagine the heat evapourated the THC and it all just floated away. Next time use butane or dont light it on fire.

    pandabear Well-Known Member

    I got the idea from this guy, he seems to like it, its an entertaining one anyway if you havnt seen it yet. but also I have 2 huge jars of buds from the 4th week of flower and they dont get me hi or taste too shitty to try to much.

    heres the link to hash oil by flame


    grower_elim Well-Known Member

    you should of put a pic of the oil up.
    im tryin to make has oil and i need enough to make a cannabis blunt.
    what was the yeild?

    Mighty_boosh Well-Known Member

    this has been my link to rollitup for years i would just like to that you for posting this because this is how i found this wonderful site thanks Roseman

    thedoctorzoidberg Well-Known Member

    i remember doing it this way when i was younger, we would bust out the ol leaves when we were fienin out.... never used the blender though, just stuffed leaves in a two liter , poured in the rubbin alc. and shook ever few minutes for bout an hour..... we used to pour it on plates and set it out in the sun.... the just scrapped it off with a razor. i think this is the easiest way to make hash and it's better than smokin all that leaf....... well maybe cuz it's consintrated. i have really enjoyed making bubble has, you should try that next time. i use the same things you used to make you alc hash with out the alc...... water with ice then through the re-usable filter, then through a diposable one. leaving the hash on the disposable filter..... i guess after doing this you could still use the left over pulp to make the alc hash.... after it dries of course.

    mrdaveno1 Active Member

    never heard of the alchohol method before.i just have a pipe with different openings at each end.one side is big enuf for a gas tin to fit in.the other have a few perforations to allow the oil out.stick in an o of ground weed,making sure a bowl is underneath and blast two gas tins into it.you have to do this outside as its extremly flammable.end result should be about three grams of oil thatll wreck you.sorry if ive just taught you how to suck eggs,but thats life

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