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Making Female Marijuana Seeds

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by carcass91, Feb 15, 2009.


    carcass91 Well-Known Member

    Didnt find a thread here in RIU. So i thought i should pot it here.
    This technique is called Soma's Weed Seed Making Technique.

    How to produce feminized marijuana seeds

    Creating feminized marijuana seeds is an art, there are a few different methods of application. I have written about some of my different methods of making cannabis seeds in previous HIGH TIMES articles. I have use gibberellic acid, light stress, ph stress, and fertilizer stress to force my plants to make marijuana seeds. All these methods are harsh on the plants, and some like the gibbrellic acid, are not organic. In my search for cleaner more earth-friendly ways of working with the cannabis plant, I have found a new way to make feminized cannabis seeds.
    Feminized seeds occur as a result of stress, other than genetics. All cannabis plants can and will make male flowers under stress. Certain strains like a higher PH, some like a lower one. Some like a lot of food, some like a lot less. There is quite a lot of variety in marijuana genetics, and you can’t treat every plant the same way.
    It takes many harvests before you really get to know a particular strain. Just like getting to know human friends, it takes time. I have grown strains for a decade and am truly getting to know every nuance the different plants exhibit. I can recognize them from a distance. I must say that I get a lot of help from my friends, both in making marijuana seeds and learning new and better ways of working with this sacred plant.
    I named this new method “Rodelization” after a friend who helped me realize and make use of this way of creating female cannabis seeds. After growing crop after crop of the same plant in the same conditions, I noticed that if I flowered the plants 10-14 days longer than usual, they would develop male “bananas”. A male banana is a very slight male flower on a female marijuana plant that is formed because of stress. Usually they do not let out any pollen early enough to make marijuana seeds, but they sometimes do. They are a built in safety factor so in case of sever conditions, the plant can make sure that the species is furthered.
    To me a male banana is quite a beautiful thing. It has the potential of making all female pot seeds. Many growers out there have male banana phobia. They see one and have heart palpitations, they want to cut down the entire crop or at least take tweezers and pluck the little yellow emerging devices out. I call them “Emergency Devices” because they emerge at times of stress.
    In the Rodelization method, the male banana is very valuable. After growing your female plant 10-14 days longer than usual, hang them up to dry, then carefully take them off the drying lines and inspect for bananas. Each and every banana should be removed and placed in a small bag labeled very accurately. These sealed bags can be placed in the fridge for one to two months and still remain potent.
    For the second phase you need to already have a crop that’s already 2 ½ weeks into flowering. Take your sealed bag of pollen out of the fridge, and proceed to impregnate your new crop of females. To do this, you must first match the female plant and the pollen from the same strain in the previous crop. Shut down all the fans in the grow room. Then take a very fine paint brush, dip it in the bag of pollen, and paint it on the female flower. Do this to each different strain you have growing together. I have done it with ten different kinds in the same room with great success.
    I use the lower flowers to make weed seeds, leaving the top colas seedless for smoking. This method takes time(two crops), but is completely organic and lets you have great quality smoke at the same time you make your female cannabis seeds. If you’re one of those growers that has never grown marijuana seeds for fear of not having something good to smoke, you will love this method.
    You can also use this pollen to make new female crosses by cross pollinating. The older females with the bananas can be brought into the room with the younger, un-pollinated females when they are three weeks into flowering. Turn all of the circulation fans on high, and the little bits of pollen will proceed to make it around the room. Do this for several days. Six to seven weeks later you will have ripe 100% female seeds; not nearly as many as a male plant would make, but enough to start over somewhere else with the same genetics.
    As a farmer who has been forced to move his genetics far away from where they started, I know very well the value of seeds. My friend Adam from THSeeds in Amsterdam has a motto that I love to borrow these days: “Drop seeds not bombs”.
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    Jizzmaster0 New Member

    This is a fascinating read. I wonder if the results can be duplicated with the new lowryder hybrid type strains? They only take 8 weeks from seed to bud so i wonder if youd get the banannas and then pollinate the 2 week flowering females? Great info either way.
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    WORKHORSE Active Member


    mercer88 Well-Known Member

    I have femalised seeds, theyv been vegged and are now two weeks into flowering, tonite i went to water them and noticed a open pollen sac, at first i thought it was a leaf, when i pikked it off it dropped pollen onto the plant, my fan also was on but on low, all my plants are female, so this is a female turned hermi, not a full male, if thr pollen has pollenated the other plants what will happen, what will i get if seeds emerge, male or female seeds ? And will this ruin my crop for the other 59 plants if i dnt removr the hermi plant?

    I await your reply
    oh really???

    oh really??? Well-Known Member

    i have let my plants go way longer than i thought they should be grown and have never seen this male banana. Are you talking about male pollen sacs? or a new thing? If it is different then i will look and proceed accordingly.

    CrackerJax New Member

    Yes, it's a hermie and the pollen is very good at getting around even if your fan was completely off. Hate to say that but it's true. hermie's will give rise to fem's, hermie's and sterile plants. Remove the hermie now and hope for the best. out. :blsmoke:

    Yes, banana pollen sac, same thing.

    out. :blsmoke:

    mercer88 Well-Known Member

    wah seeds will it produce doe
    simple grower

    simple grower Well-Known Member

    shitloads hehe:( bl man all the best

    CrackerJax New Member

    unless it is a very late hermie off of a predominate female (usually the male part will pop near the bottom in that case), you will get more hermies, females, and sterile seeds. :peace:

    out. :blsmoke:

    mercer88 Well-Known Member

    I dno, google ch9 female seeds , there website will tell u what the seeds come from ect , they recon 100% female,

    Ch9 flower is the strain

    Was a lower node , it jus dropped pollen out a sac

    Thee plant was defo female, i think i stressd it hermi

    CrackerJax New Member

    hermies are usually brought about by stress, although I think the trait is inherent in the species, no matter the strain. It's a weed and has a strong survival mechanism.

    out. :blsmoke:

    mercer88 Well-Known Member

    Ok, im a bit dumb, i need a plain answer, will the seeds be male , female or herm

    cjishigh Well-Known Member

    is this a good grow setup?[​IMG]

    smokeOntheH2O Active Member

    get ahold of some mylar or the dull side of aluminum foil and wrap the wall in it near the plant. what kind of lights are those?

    mercer88 Well-Known Member

    why hijack sum1 elses thread ?

    wtf has it got to do with seeds

    CrackerJax New Member

    Yes, there are categories for a reason, use them plz.... it's one thing to crack a joke or if everyone starts to slide away, but grow questions should be in grow categories.

    out. :blsmoke:

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