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Making butter with wax/bho ???????

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by biglungs, Jan 15, 2013.


    biglungs Active Member

    anyone know a good ratio for mixing high quality wax with butter for edibles? i.e. how many gr per cup or per pound??? if this has already been discussed please link me

    biglungs Active Member

    nobody cooks with wax??? thinking it would be pretty potent and the taste would be pretty good too

    gioua Well-Known Member

    M Dogg

    M Dogg Active Member

    Why not just smoke the wax? Trim (sugar leaf) is for making cannabutter. Buds, wax, hash are for smoking.

    gioua Well-Known Member

    people opt for concentrates usually for
    1. potency
    2. consistency in edibles. 2gs of hash will be fairly consistent compared to trim-bud etc that may have less or more thc then the dosage needed for that particular persons use.

    biglungs Active Member

    for those reasons and the taste

    thanks gioua i guess i am going to tinker and see whats best for me

    igothydrotoneverywhere Well-Known Member


    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    here is my info! take the goods out of it!

    you are talking super specifics here!

    i dont know if i will hit every answer, but please enjoy what you can out of this:

    i used to use 1 oz per 1 stick of butter, low low simmer for 10 hrs or so.. shit wreaked the complex [​IMG] butter came out potent but very weed tasting, every time..

    along the ways, many people told me how they made it.. ONE stuck out though.. a ganja veteran (chick) told me this:

    the recipe is very simple.

    - 1 cup of butter
    - 1 cup of water
    - 1 cup of weed (nugs work straight into it, try and break down the nugs to very small chunks with hand though till fill up cup better)
    - cheesecloth
    - seal-able tuperware container
    - stove and pot

    you want to get the butter and water to a simmering state.
    next you add and mix weed into butter very good. get pot back to a simmering state.

    for the next 30-45 minutes, you stir every thing around, you want to make sure you dont burn anything, the water will evap here, (but separates mostly as it cools) stir stir sir!

    after that you strain the butter into a Tupperware container, using the cheesecloth as a screen to separate the weed from the Tupperware holding your fresh squeezed cannabutter.

    after youve strained the most butter you can into the TupperwAre, the butter needs to go directly into the fridge.

    the butter will solidify, while the water separates, after the butter has solidified enough, pour out water.

    and you are ready to cook!


    - 10 grams of hash (i use honey oil :] )
    - 1 stick of butter
    - small pot
    - stove

    Easiest quickest recipe ever:

    Melt butter down, then you stir in the hash, like super stir the shit into the butter, do this for about 10 minutes or so,

    and ya, you could either let it cool down, or cook with it right away!

    i like to let it get to about 80 ish degrees then i mix it into my cookie batch.

    safeway cookies, bag can make 24 1-2 in cookies with 1 stick of butter

    i make 30+ 1 inch cookies , I recommend 1 cookie a dose here. I take 2-3 and boooom

    I once made the two recipes combined, I first made the weed butter with the good trim, and then, with that weed butter, i made the hash butter... the end result was marvelous :] the little 1 inch cookies i made we double doses :] 3 would be too much for me every time ( twice [​IMG] )

    tokingtiger Well-Known Member

    why bother making the wax? just to make butter? just use the buds and make butter...

    skepler Well-Known Member

    I use one gram of wax for 25 capsules. If the wax is 80% THC, then each cap is 32mg. Everyone else likes half that amount, although I may take two and some tokes. I do decarb it in the amount of coconut oil that fills the caps.
    Insofar as making wax vs butter, I tried 11 oz. of small buds and trim to one lb of coconut oil, and that is not as strong as one gram of wax split 25 ways in the same cap size. Also, I like making my extracts after fall harvest for two reasons. One, wax lasts longer than buds, two, space, four ounces of wax would equal a couple of pounds of weed.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2015
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    josevolution Member

    Just started posting here I'm a total newbee to the growing world , I too have tried to cook with wax reason being my bro kind of got stuck with some that's hard to get rid so we decided why not make cookies or brownies ...

    josevolution Member


    Can some one point me in right direction as to what I can spray my plants it seems it's a fly type of insect that's the culprit ..

    BlessedBeyond Member

    I have done this and have come out with not much success....

    I highly recommend cock potting cannabis.

    bulimic Well-Known Member

    i usually use a gram of wax for a 8"x8" pan of brownies. i cut it into 16 even pieces and you only need one to get blasted. i would say one gram of wax per stick of butter, 2 is almost overkill but maybe not depending where you're trying to get.

    LamontCranston Well-Known Member

    Depends on your recipe man. Check how many servings it will make and calculate how potent you want your edibles to be. I assume my dabs are around 65% THC so 650 mg of THC per gram of dabs. Don't forget to decarb your concentrates before you add it to your butter/cooking oil or else you will be disappointed.
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    cookie master

    cookie master Well-Known Member

    If i dabbed .5 gram id be tripping for sure.

    Michiganjesse Well-Known Member

    I make chocolate with wax works great all depends on how strong you want I make 100 milligram chocolates but that is very strong i have been eating edibles for my tumor for 2 years daily i have a high tolerance I take two grams of wax decarb in bowl for 22 minutes at 260 degrees add my chocolate melting candy wafers enough for 20 of my chocolate molds double boil until melted pour into mold lick bowl clean get stoned as hell put chocolates in fridge eat when harden

    Michiganjesse Well-Known Member

    Decarb 260 degrees for 22 minutes try again

    Guymandude68 New Member

    Why use wax or shatter for cooking? Flavor, my friends. I, for one, do not care for the green taste that you generally get from making canna butter with plant material. With shatter or wax, you get an amazing flavors including some of the terpenes from the plant without the guck green flavor from the chlorophyl from the leaves. I make blueberry oatmeal cookies using shatter from my blue mystic trim and popcorn and it tastes soon darn good.
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    Michiganjesse Well-Known Member

    Also dosage is much easier to control
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