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Make Your Own Cloning Gel

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by bigsteve, May 6, 2013.


    bigsteve Well-Known Member

    Here in Michigan now is the time for making your own cloning gel. Here's how I do it....

    Find a weeping willow tree as they are just now budding. They favor areas close to water so look lakeside first.
    Strip off small branches and buds until you have enough to fill a 2-quart covered pot. Break up the smaller
    branches with a big set of scissors until all the greenery is as fine as lawn trimmings. Measure out one gallon of water
    and fill the 2-quart pot holding the trimmings. Cover and simmer all day. Strain and pour the "juice" into a dark
    container. Notice that the juice has the same color as most of the commercial cloning gels or powders. That's
    because the big guys use willow trees to make their product too.

    I use the juice as a cloning gel and also use it to hold the cuttings until they are ready to go into dirt.

    Good luck, BigSteve.
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