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Maine Grower. Dates and strains?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Thatgood0958, Jan 23, 2011.


    Thatgood0958 Member

    Hi I live in Maine and I need to know the following:
    Are there any specific strains that will grow well in Maine's climate near the ocean?
    When should I move my plants outside?
    What do I need to do to protect from animals, bugs, etc.?
    When should I harvest?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you :leaf:
    chronic coinoisseur

    chronic coinoisseur Active Member

    Throw them outside anywhere from mid may to mid june depending where in maine you live. Look for a strain with less than 9 weeks of flowering, with 7-8 really being what you want to shoot for. Since maine is the northernmost state we start flowering later than others yet also have some of the first frost dates...bummer i know. Last year my crop had to be chopped way too early. Go for early strains and try to fit in as much grow time in the summer before fall, starting indoors in spring is even better if possible. Fencing is the best protection from animals with deterants such as bars of soap or hair having some effect. Bugs are another question I would go completely organic in my insecticide choice, I find pyrethrin based insecticides work best but shouldnt be used a lot during flowering. Expect to harvest anywhere from mid sept to late oct (they can survive a couple light frosts)

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