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Maine Dispensaries

Discussion in 'Maine Patients' started by seasmoke, Feb 27, 2011.


    seasmoke Active Member

    Will caregivers be able to :
    1) Purchase medicines for patients?
    2) Purchase seeds?
    3) Purchase Hash, oil or edibles?
    4)Will we be able to buy clones !!??

    mdanforth Well-Known Member

    if a patient designates a dispensary and you as their caregiver, then you'd be able to get medicine for them there......edibles yes, seeds unlikely and not sure about clones....chosing a dispensary locks one into that being the only legal place to get ones medication and the prices will be significantly higher than just using a caregiver or growing your own if possible....
    Maine Brookies

    Maine Brookies Active Member

    1) I believe so, as long as the caregiver is registered but not cultivating for the patient. In reality, there's probably no need for this as the dispensary operators i have spoken with are offering delivery services.
    2) There is nothing in the law to prevent this. DHHS states "the law is silent" on this issue.
    3) Hash and hash/honey oil are illegal in all forms under the current medical law. In regard to edibles, i believe it would be handled as in to my answer to #1.
    4) The dispensary operators i have spoken to say it is unlikely that they will offer clones - they could only sell them to patients registered with the dispensary who have no legal right to cultivate. On the other hand, caregivers who are registered to cultivate do not seem to be prevented from exchanging clones with other caregivers or patients.

    seasmoke Active Member

    Thanx for the replies....just trying to nail these laws down....

    I do wish they will sell clones...it would cut down on growing time...

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