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Maine Big Bud?

Discussion in 'Maine Patients' started by Keighan, Jan 22, 2016.


    Keighan Well-Known Member

    I've heard rumor after rumor about a big Bud strain that's perfect for our short season and has been up here for apparently a long long time. Anyone heard of it, seen it, have it, know where to get it?

    thumper60 Well-Known Member

    I have tried some bb crosses ones I tried either to late or molded.tell u what works very well in maine Hollands hope-feison dew bothDP no mold end sept harvest
  3. Critical + , I'm telling you is the Bomb for growing in or out, My Mutant Cut which is a Feminized S2 of Critical+ has big bud genetics in it & it finishes in 47-55 days. One of my Fastest Strains Besides Original Northern Lights x Burnham Redeye & of Course M.O.B.
  4. I imagine my Northern Lights Hybrid that was bred with the Same Critical + will be Diggity too

    Whoa#Bubb Member

    Check out TBB Seed co . They got big Bud . They're based locally too

    farmergreen007 Member

    I have some white widow X big bud seeds that I have grown OD for two summers now. It gets close to done at the end of Sept, by then it has gone through a few frosts. Mold isn't bad with them either, only a few spots per plant (some plants had none) but at 10-12 OZ a plant grown in swamp tubes I don't worry about it too much.

    farmergreen007 Member

    oh by the way those are originally from female seeds. but the ones I have were made by a buddy, they are fem.

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