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Mailing Bud

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by samurai-toker, Mar 18, 2007.


    samurai-toker Active Member

    Does anybody have any suggestions or precautions that i should know if i would want to mail pot? Thanks for any advice.
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    MajoR_TokE Well-Known Member

    Cover your ass from every angle.

    mogie Well-Known Member

    Through the mail you are talking federal crime there.
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    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    I had an answer, but prefer not to take part in this thread, sorry. So I erased it.

    mr_issues Well-Known Member

    Fuck mailing it just smoke it... lol Mabie make some brownies...

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    your best advice...

    put my name on it. and send it to me. hehehehehehe

    Kryztina Well-Known Member

    lemmie know how it turns out...

    samurai-toker Active Member

    I have heard and know about some people sending it over the mail, is it still a fed crime if sent with fed ex or ups

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i've heard and know of people who have sent it and it just disappeared.

    dylanlee420 Active Member

    Unless u feel like goin to the big house hella long go ahead lol o an my advice DNT DO IT lol

    btt Well-Known Member

    What about making a bunch of hash? And send it like that. Smaller and easier to conceal.

    I was thinking about a trip to jamaica again only this time, making a LOAD of hash. And bringing it back. Just an idea, haven't really thought it out, but it should be easier than actual bud.

    Kryztina Well-Known Member

    I mailed a few oilers' in a christmas card once...:blsmoke:

    samurai-toker Active Member

    Thanks for the advice

    pauliojr Well-Known Member

    I am not condoning this, but have heard of one thing that has worked for someone I knew.

    He had some BIG ASS BOOTS and cut the back heal open, put the pot in there, then super glued it shut, put the boots in a box, and made it look like a b-day present. He used UPS and had no problems. Person on the other end was very happy.

    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    A mod needs to get in here, as I think this conversation is frowned upon, take it into private messages please.

    pauliojr Well-Known Member

    I agree with you 100% videoman, but I was simply sharing a story. I would personally never try this or encourage others to try it either. Too much risk is involved.

    redrmearsenal18 Active Member

    I've heard of putting the buds into a film container then putting it into those sealed containers that they're not allowed to x-ray b/c it could mess the film up. Then overnight it.

    ILoveUMaryJane Well-Known Member

    Clever... although like in airports there are now x-ray machines that are film-safe

    Bishop, Active Member

    Now i think were all looking at this with a losing attitude, in my mind i figure that for them to catch me, they have to be looking for me. How many millions of pieces of mail are sent during a normal day? .. well .. plenty.

    As long as you ensure you're package cant be picked out by a drug sniffer you have a fairly good chance of success. lol and im not just talking through my ass like some of these guy, lets take Budmail as a perfect example, they wrap the bud several times over, then heat seals it (twice), then go on to bleach the outside. After all that they finally wrap it a few more times and ship it away. Sneaky lil bastards..

    But in a non-budmail situation, (not saying i've had to do this, no no) id mail it from a local mailbox without a return address. And send it NOT to my connections house. but rather a P.O box they opened at a post-office or variety store. Fake name, cash deposit for a month or however long.

    Lets say the fuzz somehow catch this bundle of joy in the mail. They will NOT post a cop at your freaking post office 24/7 looking for the sly fox with the P.O box in his/her name. I mean we pot smokers can't be idiots, we commit an illegal act and need to keep our thinking caps on as often as possible.

    Now this comes with expenses. You need to factor in if this method of delivery is worth it.. few gram? no dice.. Few pounds? ... now were cooking with gas.

    But yah you follow me here? Postal services have better things to do then sit on a stool in a massive warehouse and x-ray packages looking for something "fishy".

    ** added little hint** Pay the extra money you cheap bastards and get express mail. If its in a rush, its more likely not to even be looked at.

    to date i've yet to be busted, "ohh Canada!"

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